Meal Planning to the Extreme

  • One week from today I will be having surgery.... OMG ONE week there is way to much to do.  That is why it's been almost a week since I've posted.  I'm hoping that with me pretty much stuck on the couch or in bed I will be better at posting things, but then I will have nothing to post about being stuck on said couch or bed ugh I can't win.  But anyway, I do go in this afternoon to do all the pre-admission stuff for the hospital.  Shit starting to get real!

  • Over the weekend I was in full chef mode just call me Julia Child maybe with a little less wine...who am I kidding bring on the wine.  I am trying to be prepared for my surgery and though the hubby can cook (and well) he uses butter like it's the main ingredient and with no form of exercise in my near future I can't be eaten' like that.  So I made 3 weeks worth of dinners (for the both of us, I don't have to worry about DQ Grammie and CareBear are trading off keeping her ...have I mentioned I have the best friends ever!!)  that can either be thrown in the oven or crock pot and a shit ton of lunches (for myself) that just need to be nuked or thrown together.  Pretty much tons of chicken and ground turkey meals also a few spaghetti squash (regular pasta for the hubs) meals with different healthy pasta sauces (they freeze and reheat  really well), and some egg dishes. 

  • Sunday Was TaTa's 20th holy crap shoot me now I should NOT have a TWENTY year old birthday.  We celebrated on friday by going out to dinner with the fam to the local mexican place.  I was very good and got my fajita burrito but cut it in half as soon as I got it and but one half away and only ate the other.  It really helps when I do that because it keeps me from nibbling mindlessly while chatting.

  • Yesterday we continued the celebration at Disneyland.  Even though DQ's pass expired in November,  us older girls don't expire until Feb. so I wanted to go one last time and mom and TaTa had the day off so I met them there for dinner and a few rides.  It's actually the first time since DQ was born that I have gone without her.  We had a great time and now time to retire the pass.  Maybe in a few years we will get them again but for now we are gonna try other things...(we'll see how long it lasts lol)

Oh and on a last note I was nominated for The Sunshine Blogger Award by Elizabeth over at The Singing Bird (she is the bee's knees go and check her out!)  I promise to get to it as soon as I can (probably when I'm all laid up so keep a look out.

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