Weekend Adventures

  • On Saturday the hubs woke up biting at the bit for an adventure, wait...what.. Ok let's go.  I jumped at it I love hubs but the man is a homebody so when he gets a bug up his butt I just go with it.  Oh crap the dog! That's right, we have one of those now well poop... Grammie to the rescue we put in a call and dropped  Dobby of on our way to the Queen Mary.  

can you tell she's excited

  • Can I tell you I've lived in SoCal all my life and have probably been to long beach about 7 times and 6 of those in the last 5 months lol.  This time we went to the Queen Mary but actually stayed overnight.  It was so cool, and a bit spooky some parts of it are said to be haunted (but we didn't tell DQ that ) and at night it was a bit eerie.  They had this special thing going on called CHILL Its a huge ice/snow theme park.  It had HUGE ice sculptures from the nutcracker, an ice skating rink, ice tubing, and other odds and ends.  

  • DQ really wanted to try ice skating and I was totally up for it! My birthday being in February every year from 9-12 years old I had an ice skating party at the local rink.  Look at this SoCal girl trying to get some winter even then. I swear I was born in the wrong part of the country.  So we laced up and off we went.  Have to admit I haven't done it in probably 15 years and was a bit shaky at first but just like riding a bike it came back.  I couldn't believe it DQ turned out to be a natural this girl just took off with only a few minor spills, so much that we went back this morning before we left. So much better there was no one there and we had the ice to ourselves.

  • It was such a great weekend and I didn't go overboard on my "cheat" day.  I did indulge but did not go crazy, though I did think about the fried Oreos they had I decided it really wasn't worth it "just to have because I could" so I didn't and instead I enjoyed a great dinner that was a few lot more calories that I would normally get and included a totally girly fufu drink. 

  • Sunday is normally a run day for me so I hit up the ships fitness center.  It was really tiny but nobody else was there so no worries.  I hopped on the treadmill it was neat all touch screen and fancy like. There was "Say Yes to the Dress" playing on it but I really didn't watch I prefer to listen to my music. The controls were set to km so I have no idea what my pace was but I worked up a good sweat and ran 3.5km (I'm guessing close to 2 miles).  It was also pretty neat that they had some of the original equipment on display. 

getting warmed up at trying to figure out this fancy thing. I did  average a 6.9 km  ??

What did you do this weekend?


  1. You look so tiny! As for craving winter, we can switch houses any time you want to. Michigan just experienced -30 F weather and 14 inches of snow. I'll take Long Beach any day of the week ;-)

  2. I hope you're doing all right! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for some blog awards. :) http://www.fatmom-tofitmom.com/2014/01/awesome-blog-content-award-and-sunshine.html


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