Made It

  • Hi all just wanted to let you know I made it through surgery with flying colors or at least that's what it felt like..man they give good drugs haha...but really it went well. I don't remember much but the hubs and mom said that it took much longer than expected (over 2 hours) because the tumor was much larger than they thought.  Turns out it was the size of a small tennis ball   HOLY CRAP!!! Well I'm just glad it's out and now I have this lovely drain thing sticking out of my stomach ick, I'm hoping some of my fat will magically liquefy and ooze on out... Sorry gross I know but I'm sitting here going crazy from boredom and it's only been a two days.

Just before surgery, sorry it's blurry hubs is not the best picture taker

  • Now I'm watching T.V like it's my job and honestly it sucks balls!  I hate not being able to DO something.  I actually feel pretty good and am not in that much pain.  I can't lift anything so I don't but I find my self just walking up and down my hallway just to move around.  And it actually feels better when I stand than when I'm sitting but I promise I'm taking it easy.

  • To and insult to injury poor DQ who is staying with Grammie C for the week came down with a fever and a major cough...poor baby all I want to do is cuddle her but instead now it means I won't even get to see her on Friday for the switch off to Grammie J's.  There is NOWAY I can get sick now especially a cough.  Yesterday I chocked on a bit of water and I thought my insides where going to come flying out it hurt soo bad.

  • A bit of good I got these beautiful flowers delivered while I was typing this.  They are from my class, so sweet I miss them a ton already.  And the hubs has been my beck and call boy the last few days which I'm not gonna lie is kinda nice... not that I'm taking advantage of it or anything... ok I won't make him paint my toes lol, but he has brought me some pretty good movies to watch.


  1. Best wishes for a speedy recovery:)

  2. Your 'jammies look so cozy! I'm glad surgery went well - I hope you heal up quickly!

  3. So glad you are okay & surgery went well!!


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