Zombies, Sister Wives, and Fairytales

  • Howdy all... sorry I've been MIA but remember when I said I was watching T.V like it was my job,  yeah well lets say I turned into a workaholic.  I blew through seasons worth of Once Upon a Time (great show for this Disney girl), Top Chef (yumm), Walking Dead (oohh zombies), and Sister Wives (?I could use a few of those right now?).   This has pretty much been it the last week.

  • I will admit I have got on the scale it was not what I wanted to see 178.9 but I hoping like really really hoping it has some thing to do with lots of fluid retention (I look like I have a beer belly) and this drain thing.. ugg. 3 more days till this sucker is pulled oh crap now I scared my self.  I am eating fairly good I would love to say I was eating perfectly but I would be lying.  A lot of it has to do with boredom.  Though zombies and multiple wives are entertaining I can only take so much at a time, and I have been stuck at home for the most part so it's hard not to want to munch.  A good thing though is I actually have very little "junk"  but I have found a few strays (choc chip cookies hidden in the back of the freezer).
  • I did get out for a walk a finally.  It was very slow going and the Hubs was totally against it but I told him if he didn't let me he would regret it later (I can be a big ol' pain in the ass) and I NEEDED this... like Jack needed a life preserver (10 points to anyone you gets that).  I walked the big block of my house, almost a mile then since I was so close walked up and down the street to make it a full mile.  It took just over 30 minutes I told you it was slow as shit....but it felt AWESOME!!  This is pretty much the only thing I can do right now and even then I was feeling it the next day so I'm trying to take it easy and only do every other day or not quite as long.

  • Besides being an awesome Bruno Mars concert with some football thrown in (if you can call it that) Sunday was the Surf City Half Marathon.  This was the first half I ever ran ...one year ago.  As I was sitting there Saturday night I was remembering that one year ago I was laying out my running gear, I was getting super nervous and flat out scared, but that day turned out fan-flipping-tastic.  I proved to myself that if I work hard I can accomplish anything.  So this year was bitter sweet.  My girls Barbie & CareBear (plus a ton of other friends) I know were running this year and I was stuck home *tears* and the kicker I couldn't even go and be there to cheer them on.  As I was sitting there try to passive aggressively try to talk the hubs into taking me in the morning an Idea came to me.....TADA  

  • I made a bunch of these signs and took pictures.  Then I woke up and text my girls, who were running late pfftt... not if I was there (and I told them that...and they agreed lol) but I was able to live track them and since I knew the course I text them the pictures at certain mile markers and durning the tough parts (ie the little hills).  They loved it and I felt like I was apart of it though I wasn't there. 


  1. LOVE the signs with the texts! Very imaginative! I know how frustrating it is to want to do more than you can. You'll get there! Chin up:)

  2. Hahaha Love that! Live tracking looks too much fun!


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