Too Much Free Time

  • I have had entirely too much free time on my hands, and do you think I would blog with all that free time... no... cause I am a bad, bad, blogger but really it's because it's been very boring around here and there has not been much to write about that is unless you would like a full recap of the last 2 seasons on Shameless. 
  • Besides watching marathons of Shameless I've been spending a lot of time on YouTube.  There is a whole other world out there and some of it is kinda scary... but then there is some pretty fun stuff to like make-up tons and tons of make-up tutorials.  So of course what happened I got hooked lol.  I have always loved make-up and stuff but I never felt I did the best job applying it.  So with all this free time I started watching and practicing.

  • Here is a green eye look I did not bad really and I even got a compliment at Target about it :) It's actually been pretty fun and I'm getting the hang of it, making it look good.  I also found this super awesome woman Marlena.  She is the founder and CEO of Makeup Geek  a cosmetic education website and upstart makeup brand, but she has also lost a ton of weight and talks about both things on her blog Simply Marlena and on her YouTube channel  (check it out here)  She seems so down the earth and real and I loved watching her videos, also she has super cute style, that I can totally pull off!!

  • I even went I painted ma nails.  I don't do it very often cause it always seems to chip but I researched and think I found a good combo of base and top coat that so far has seemed to keep it nice for almost a whole week...I'll take it. I'm not into the "fake" nails  one. I'm allergic to the acrylic kind  and two. I like the gel ones but I can't see spending the money  to keep it up.  So we'll see how the at home manis will work for me.

  • I got in the see the Dr today to finally get my staples out, the drain was removed last wed but the staples needed to stay in a little longer.  But finally it's all done, and I am able to go back to work with the limits of light duty...no lifting over 15 pounds and NO exercise at least for 4 more weeks.  He wants to make sure the abdominal mesh is healed and good since it's much bigger that planed.  But I can walk and lift small weights (as long as it's not over 15 he says) but nothing high impact or heavy.  I'm a little bummed but I will listen I di not want to have to go back and have it fixed and start all over.  So I see a lot of walking in my future .  
  • I'm actually pretty excited to go back to work tomorrow I have missed my girls, and my kiddos. This has just proven to me even more that I could never stay home.  I just need to be out and about.  Don't get me wrong if you are a stay at home mommy/wife more power to you.  It's hard freaking work and kinda lonely as far as my experience went, I think that's why I couldn't do it, and maybe the fact that I really couldn't do much in the way of cleaning and organizing.  That probably would have made the time go faster and I felt I got things done.  

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