I did it!

I've seen on a few blogs a list of rewards when you hit your goal. I love this idea and just had to jump on the wagon so here is my list of things Rewards that I think know I deserve for hitting my goals cause I kicked some ass for it :) and I DID IT!

-10lbs  A cute pair of FUN shoes.

-20lbs  A new iPhone (upgrade to the 4s. I think Suri could be my new best friend)
*I LOVE this phone and yes Suri is my new best friend :)

-30lbs   A Garmin Forerunner (probably should be before the iPhone but hey this is MY list lol)
love it, now if I can just remember to keep it charged

-40lbs  a new purse something fun and bright that will make me smile
-50lbs  Michael Kors watch in Rose Gold I know over the top but it's just so pretty...we'll see
Got new running shoes instead... My how thing change lol

-60lbs  still thinking??? got any Ideas

-70lbs  I really want to do a boudoir session for my husband ;)

GOAL!!!  -75lbs+  a New freaking wardrobe....mostly from my daughters closet :)


  1. I love this list! What a great idea, and to have it in writing is such a great motivation. You can't lie to yourself when it is written down for all the world to see, lol.

  2. Girl, did you get yourself a -40 gift?? You better get ready for the -50 gift too!

  3. OMG I love this idea!!!


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