Knock Offs & Glutes

Hi all!  Hope your weekend was fun-tastic!!

Saturday we had our requisit morning soccer game.  It was pretty exciting and Drama Queen scored her first ever GOOALLL!!!  I knew she had a little mexican in her after all and I can totally say that seeing as I am mexican.

Her team giving her some HIGH 5 love

Then TaTa, Mom and I headed to downtown LA to check out the Fashion district.  TaTa wanted to look at some clothes and I wanted to check out the fabric and notions.  Drama Queen has out grown most of her summer PJ's and I wanted to make some new ones and a few summer dresses also my BFF Kyss is prego so I need to be makin some baby stuff stat! 

Checking out Santee Alley

I also scored this

Yup a set of MAC brushes normally $85 I got em for $25 (I'm pretty sure they are knock offs, but they are pretty good quality so I'm not complaining) and I also got the Urban Decay Naked 2 pallet normally $60  I got it for $20 (I'm not sure if this one is a knock off or it "fell off" the back of the truck.  It's actually really pigmented and seems to be the real deal so whatev) I'll take it.

Finally Sunday was my Mama bootcamp and DAMN it was a killer one.  We had a few more girls so we went for 90 minutes.  HOLY HELL there was alot of sweat.  It was totally Biggest Loser style.  I was pushing 50 pound boxes across the floor, jumping rope, and trowing some damn heavy balls around that's what she said sorry couldn't help that.  This was my calorie burn.

Today I am so feeling the after effects of that work out.  I can hardly sit with out wincing (it seems to be all in the glut es). 


Lying Liar that Lies!!!

Yes today is weigh-in Wednesday at it's actually way later than I intended but life as usual got tin the way of my blogging lol...

I have a confession to make I am a big fat liar!!!

 I said I would let the damn scale rule me....

But it does that stupid beeotch  is a liar too!  

  I'm up 1.4 lbs ugg!!!

Ok it's not that bad I weighed  in with my trainer on Sunday and I was up there too, so we took my measurements and I'm down inches. 2" in my waist 1" in each arm and 1" in each thigh.   Her theory is that I'm replacing my fat with muscle (all that heavy lifting)  which is good.  How she explains it is a pound of muscle is smaller than a pound of fat but it still weighs a pound, so even though the scale is not moving I'm still getting smaller so overall I'm super happy because I'm getting smaller my clothes are fitting better and I'm actually going down in size (teetering between a 14 and a 12)  I was able to fit into a size 12 dress this weekend (it's a bit tight but I'm going to work really hard to make it fit perfect before my Pitbull & Ke$ha concert in June).

 But being  heavy my whole life (ok not my whole life I only weighed 5lbs 4 oz when I was born so I blame my mother for trying to fattin me up ok not really maybe just a little lol) I've always live for the scale always wanting  that number to go down so when I don't see that it screws with my mind.  I am working on it and I am taking more stock in the measuring tape, and it's also pretty awesome when I'm lifting I can see the muscles in my arms working and I'm actually getting really good definition them minus the batwings.

I'm actually diggin my arms, all that lifting is really paying off batwings be damned.
The pic on the left is in Sept 2011 at 215 pounds at my BFF's wedding
The pics on the right were tonight.
This is the size 12 dress. A crappy pic but you get the idea :)


Week in Pictures

As I was going through my phone I figured I'd recap my week in pictures for you cause I know you are all so interested in what I'm doing every single minute of the day...NOT

Ok this is actually a little NSV for me.  The free pantie from Victoria's Secret. I've only ever gone there for perfume (I love me some Body by Victoria) but I've never been comfortable buying anything else from there and not to mention I didn't fit into anything (I did have myself measured there for a bra once and then was promptly told "Oh we don't carry that size sorry." So yes slightly scarred ever since) so I've always given the free pantie card to TaTa.  This time I figured I'm gonna use it and if it doesn't fit now it will later cause this girl is on a mission!!  Guess what, it fit so all those free panties are mine NOW.  Whoot Whoo... and who knows I may just have to get measured for a bra again soon. Though I'm not sure I could drop $50+ bucks on a bra  yea I can be cheap like that

Ugg this one kills me. I love living in Southern California, the weather is great and there is always something to do and everything is truly less than an hour drive oceans, mountains, deserts.  But the traffic is effing a pain in the ass.  Sometimes commuting can suck it!

When you can't make it to the gym ya gotta #JustDance  I freakin love that Wii game and it actually gives you a good burn, that's for an hours worth of showing off my sweet moves.

and when you can make it to the gym you pump some iron baby... I've become pretty confidant in my lifting skills lately so on my weekly gym dates with CareBear I make her do some lifting (and  get a third day in there for me) win win.

and this is the feeling when you forget your pony holder and you have hair sticking to the sweat on the back of your neck Ewwwwww

Once again sitting in traffic but the weather was so nice I figured I'd take advantage and work on these pasty ass legs.  #thisgirlneedsatan

at least I don't do it this way... WTF? dude,  and I'm not sure if he was wearing  any clothes at all, when we passed him he didn't have a shirt on either?

How was your week?


Weigh-In Wednesday #51

Yay! I'm down 1.8 lbs...

Didn't quiet get rid of the 2 pounds I gained last week, but close enough.

It's been a bit hectic around here. The Hubs has been gone for most of the week at a job in Long Beach.  He is working at the oil refineries putting in a clean room or something like that.  It's been 4 10 hour days and with traffic it's just too much to drive everyday so he and his co-worker just stayed.

So I've been pretty much a single mom (again and boy I don't miss it). Luckily soccer was cancelled last week, but it's business as usual this week. 

We had our "official starting" weigh-in for Biggest Loser last Thursday which means tomorrow will be the 1st results weigh-in.  I've really worked my butt off this week so I'm excited to see how I did.  I did weigh in a little heavy last week because of major water retention and I was coerced in to going to Souplantation for dinner last Wednesday and had two three pieces of the yummy sourdough bread it's like kryptonite to me.  So I expect a good loss.  Everyone has been really positive so far it is the first week though we even are going to start sharing healthy recipes that we are all eating at home.  I might just throw some on her for all you peeps :).

Hope you are all having a good week, and I'll leave ya with this

This is what we do when ya can't get to the gym #justdance
love that game and I wore my HM  not a bad burn!



That's Not Healthy

We all know that eating healthy, exercising,  and changing our habits for the better translates into smaller numbers on the scale, looking better, and, feeling better.

But how do we know when it's really sinking in??  

Let me set the stage for you all...

It's  Wednesday in DQ's Kindergarten class and they are getting ready to have lunch.
In walks Nee's mom who brought McDonald's for her.  DQ walks up to her...

DQ: "Ya know you really shouldn't bring Nee McDonald's for lunch all the time"
MOM: "Oh really why is that?"
DQ: "Well it's really unhealthy."
MOM: "Really?"
DQ: "Yeah it has a lot of salt, and is cooked in oil, it also has a lot of fat and makes your body and heart work to hard, it clogs things up."
MOM: "Oh wow your right." (as she looks to the teacher with a who the hell is this kid look) "Do you ever have McDonald's?"
DQ: "Yes but only sometimes cause it's a sometimes food not an all the time food.  All the time food is fruit and vegetables and healthy things like that."
MOM: "Ummm your right thank you."  (the look now is WTF get me outta here)
DQ: "Your welcome. Oh and you have to run and go to the gym too cause that's healthy too."

Ummm yeah so that really happened, how do I know cause my best bud Mel is one of DQ's teachers and heard the whole thing.  She said that the mom was all flustered and looking to her like who the hell is this kid,  all while Mel is trying not to laugh!!

So Yeah that's how you know when your healthy habits are rubbing off...


Wednesday Weigh-In & Motivation


 Damn I'm up 2 pounds :(   so this week it's 183.8

 Oh well I'm not gonna dwell on it I know some of it is that TOM is here and,  the other part is some of that left over retirement party (I did party the crap out of that 10% maybe next time I'll only do a 5% lol)

So with that damn gain it's good that there is a lot of motivation going on in these here parts

Last week I finished up my training sessions with Soben.  She told me she was starting a new type of training session.  Basically it's a boot camp type session dubbed the "Mommy Make-over".

Thank gawd for birthday money (and a hubby that is very understanding of my weight loss goals) I was able to swing it just barley.  And she was able to schedule it for Tuesday and Sundays so I will be able to do both.  SWEET! it's like getting twice as much for the $$.  So I plan on taking full advantage of it and work my ass off  literally.

Then tomorrow we will be starting a "Biggest Loser" contest at work.  It's pretty basic.  You can be an individual $15 or a team $20 , weigh-in's are every Thursday if you gain you "owe the pot" $1 and it's for 9 weeks. Oh and we are doing measurements as well.

If you want to know ALL the nitty gritty here's a pic of the "rules & regs"

I decided to do the work challenge as an individual.  I did try to get CareBear to do a team with me but she wasn't havin it.  (We did this challenge a couple times a few years back and boy towards the end it got ugly.  Chicks bitchen about havin to owe the pot and wanting the money back if the lost it the next day...geeshhh girls come on)  So she is still pissed worried about the "politics and game play" but we have a bunch of new girls and we made sure to reiterate that it's all about motivation and helping others! 


Retire to The Pool

What an amazing weekend!! 

The girls at work and I celebrated the retirement of Ms. L  she is retiring after 19 years at our school.  We decided to spend the weekend at one of the other girls house in beautiful Temecula. 

The weekend consisted of lots of relaxing, hanging by the pool (it was a gorgeous day too, low 80's yay again for So Cal weather!! sorry midwest peeps)  and of course tons of food and drink. 

Here is how the weekend went in pictures.....

Ok I  love this pic cause you can totally see definition in my arms :)

I could get used to this... when do I get to retire???

This may or may not have happened....

This totally did happen

Then we ended up at a little dive bar...
I totally heart banjo!
So I must say, I did indulge a little more than normal (and it didn't help that it is that time of month).
I probably had one to many tortilla chips, and a few too many drinks but I kept it to just the one day and come Sunday morning I got right back on track.  I don't feel all that bad.  Life happens and some times we just let loose a little but overall I believe that as long as I stick to my healthy lifestyle 90% of the time I can party the shit out of the other 10%.

Hope ya'll had a great weekend!


Hot Pink -40lb GOAL!!!!


Almost made it...

Today's number is 181.8  another -1.4 loss  so as it stands I weigh 181.8 and made it to my -40lbs goal!

I didn't quite make my goal of reaching the 170's by this month, but if you read my Fat to Fit  post I've come to be ok with it.  I can't say I've broken up with my bitch of a scale, but I am taking everything she says with a grain of salt, and cozying up to my tape measure a little more.  Maybe one day I will break the scale addiction, but for now I don't let it dictate my mood one way or the other.

There is a lot going on in the way of fitness lately.  I just resigned for more training sessions with Soben, and tomorrow we will be starting a Biggest Loser type thing at work.  Got to get summer ready, so I'm excited with all the motivation around and can't wait to write more about it.

I'll leave you with another pic of myself ;) these are a pair of cute hot pink boyfriend jeans  cause ya'll know my guy totally rocks the hot pink denim I picked up at Kohls for $20.  I am trying to be good and do most of my shopping at thrift stores but once in awhile I can't help getting something new (on sale mostly) that is totally awesome.

Instead of getting  a purse for reaching goal I got these
pants, and my super cute "Easter" dress.


Easter, Balloons, and Squats

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!!!

This Easter was pretty mellow.  Saturday after DQ's soccer game the Grammie's and Bob came over for brunch and some egg dyeing. Though on Sunday when DQ cracked one to eat turns out I didn't cook them quite enough and instead we ended up with egg mush doh!

As planned we went to my brothers up in Victorville (basically there is nothing but dirt up there ugg) that was after my early morning 5 miler woot woot!  It was much less drama than I expected maybe cause it was early in the day and the beers/mimosas hadn't fully taken effect yet.  Any way I brought my fruit salad as planned and some healthy/low fat Pumpkin Muffins yumm.  I did indulge just a bit and had one two mimosas.  As you can see by my plate I was actually pretty good.  I added it all up and it came out to about 938 calories which yes is a lot but it was also my breakfast and lunch combined so alls good cause I made sure to run extra hard for that sh*t.

My brother and two of his horses.  Who knew he'd be a horse guy, we grew up near the beach in a total suburb...I guess that's what dirt does to ya I kid sort of but it totally works in my favor as DQ is obsessed with them.

After brunch we sent the big girls out to hide the millions of eggs for the littles and then let them have at it.  My mom was pretty clever and put the girls names on the eggs and they could only pick up theirs and couldn't tell the others where theirs where.  It was awesome and kept them busy twice as long.

and of course here is a pic of my adorbs dress that I found at Target (it has little anchors on it..dying),  and yes I totally rocked it.

Oh and I'm sure your all wondering about SIL  well this is how it went:
SIL: "Wow your looking great you've lost even more."
ME:  "Thank you, not really though only like 3-4 pounds but I've been doing more weigh training. Your looking pretty good too." (she has lost like 50 pounds)
SIL:  "Ya I really need to start working out I just don't have the time and when I do I want to spend it with the girls" (backhanded much)
ME: "I understand" *smile*

Fast forward to the drive home

ME:  "You were totally checking out SIL butt weren't you?" haha
Hubs:  "Oh you saw that" lol
Me:  "Sure did but why the puzzled look?"
Hubs: "Well she's lost alot of weight and her butt is smaller but...."
Me:  "But what?"
Hubs:  "Well it kinda looks like two deflated balloons"

And this ladies, is why we do Squats!!! 

I don't have time, I make time!

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