That's Not Healthy

We all know that eating healthy, exercising,  and changing our habits for the better translates into smaller numbers on the scale, looking better, and, feeling better.

But how do we know when it's really sinking in??  

Let me set the stage for you all...

It's  Wednesday in DQ's Kindergarten class and they are getting ready to have lunch.
In walks Nee's mom who brought McDonald's for her.  DQ walks up to her...

DQ: "Ya know you really shouldn't bring Nee McDonald's for lunch all the time"
MOM: "Oh really why is that?"
DQ: "Well it's really unhealthy."
MOM: "Really?"
DQ: "Yeah it has a lot of salt, and is cooked in oil, it also has a lot of fat and makes your body and heart work to hard, it clogs things up."
MOM: "Oh wow your right." (as she looks to the teacher with a who the hell is this kid look) "Do you ever have McDonald's?"
DQ: "Yes but only sometimes cause it's a sometimes food not an all the time food.  All the time food is fruit and vegetables and healthy things like that."
MOM: "Ummm your right thank you."  (the look now is WTF get me outta here)
DQ: "Your welcome. Oh and you have to run and go to the gym too cause that's healthy too."

Ummm yeah so that really happened, how do I know cause my best bud Mel is one of DQ's teachers and heard the whole thing.  She said that the mom was all flustered and looking to her like who the hell is this kid,  all while Mel is trying not to laugh!!

So Yeah that's how you know when your healthy habits are rubbing off...

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