Lying Liar that Lies!!!

Yes today is weigh-in Wednesday at it's actually way later than I intended but life as usual got tin the way of my blogging lol...

I have a confession to make I am a big fat liar!!!

 I said I would let the damn scale rule me....

But it does that stupid beeotch  is a liar too!  

  I'm up 1.4 lbs ugg!!!

Ok it's not that bad I weighed  in with my trainer on Sunday and I was up there too, so we took my measurements and I'm down inches. 2" in my waist 1" in each arm and 1" in each thigh.   Her theory is that I'm replacing my fat with muscle (all that heavy lifting)  which is good.  How she explains it is a pound of muscle is smaller than a pound of fat but it still weighs a pound, so even though the scale is not moving I'm still getting smaller so overall I'm super happy because I'm getting smaller my clothes are fitting better and I'm actually going down in size (teetering between a 14 and a 12)  I was able to fit into a size 12 dress this weekend (it's a bit tight but I'm going to work really hard to make it fit perfect before my Pitbull & Ke$ha concert in June).

 But being  heavy my whole life (ok not my whole life I only weighed 5lbs 4 oz when I was born so I blame my mother for trying to fattin me up ok not really maybe just a little lol) I've always live for the scale always wanting  that number to go down so when I don't see that it screws with my mind.  I am working on it and I am taking more stock in the measuring tape, and it's also pretty awesome when I'm lifting I can see the muscles in my arms working and I'm actually getting really good definition them minus the batwings.

I'm actually diggin my arms, all that lifting is really paying off batwings be damned.
The pic on the left is in Sept 2011 at 215 pounds at my BFF's wedding
The pics on the right were tonight.
This is the size 12 dress. A crappy pic but you get the idea :)


  1. Look at those guns, Mama! Way to go - you are a beast! (And I mean that in the most petite,"look at you rockin that size 12 dress" kind of way!) I agree with your trainer abut the weight thing. With all the lifting you've been doing lately, if you see yourself getting smaller but your weight not changing, I'm sure that's what it is. Aren't you so freaking proud of yourself?! You should be. The difference in your arms in the pictures is crazy! Congrats, Alma!

  2. You look AWESOME! You can definitely see a lot of definition in those arms. WOW! Love the dress, too! I know what you mean about the scale. It's so hard not to beat yourself up. Mine can go up a pound from one day to the next for no reason. I'll have worked out, eaten my allotted calories, and for whatever reason it's up. It can be water from your muscles healing too. I think that is why I have lose weight so slowly because I've always done a lot of strength training type stuff too.


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