Easter, Balloons, and Squats

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!!!

This Easter was pretty mellow.  Saturday after DQ's soccer game the Grammie's and Bob came over for brunch and some egg dyeing. Though on Sunday when DQ cracked one to eat turns out I didn't cook them quite enough and instead we ended up with egg mush doh!

As planned we went to my brothers up in Victorville (basically there is nothing but dirt up there ugg) that was after my early morning 5 miler woot woot!  It was much less drama than I expected maybe cause it was early in the day and the beers/mimosas hadn't fully taken effect yet.  Any way I brought my fruit salad as planned and some healthy/low fat Pumpkin Muffins yumm.  I did indulge just a bit and had one two mimosas.  As you can see by my plate I was actually pretty good.  I added it all up and it came out to about 938 calories which yes is a lot but it was also my breakfast and lunch combined so alls good cause I made sure to run extra hard for that sh*t.

My brother and two of his horses.  Who knew he'd be a horse guy, we grew up near the beach in a total suburb...I guess that's what dirt does to ya I kid sort of but it totally works in my favor as DQ is obsessed with them.

After brunch we sent the big girls out to hide the millions of eggs for the littles and then let them have at it.  My mom was pretty clever and put the girls names on the eggs and they could only pick up theirs and couldn't tell the others where theirs where.  It was awesome and kept them busy twice as long.

and of course here is a pic of my adorbs dress that I found at Target (it has little anchors on it..dying),  and yes I totally rocked it.

Oh and I'm sure your all wondering about SIL  well this is how it went:
SIL: "Wow your looking great you've lost even more."
ME:  "Thank you, not really though only like 3-4 pounds but I've been doing more weigh training. Your looking pretty good too." (she has lost like 50 pounds)
SIL:  "Ya I really need to start working out I just don't have the time and when I do I want to spend it with the girls" (backhanded much)
ME: "I understand" *smile*

Fast forward to the drive home

ME:  "You were totally checking out SIL butt weren't you?" haha
Hubs:  "Oh you saw that" lol
Me:  "Sure did but why the puzzled look?"
Hubs: "Well she's lost alot of weight and her butt is smaller but...."
Me:  "But what?"
Hubs:  "Well it kinda looks like two deflated balloons"

And this ladies, is why we do Squats!!! 

I don't have time, I make time!


  1. ohmygoooooooosh, two deflated balloons?!?! I'm dying.

    I'm glad you had a nice Easter, congrats on your five miler in preparation, and you look awesome in that dress!

    1. Thanks Kelly... When he said that I almost peed my pants!!

  2. I hate those types of backhanded comments... I did squats yesterday and I'm still sore! BTW you look great. Period.

    1. I know I just smile and squat on :)

  3. Your hubby is awesome. :) I love doing squats--it really does make a huge difference! I hopped over here from your comment on my blog. I'm a follower of yours now! You look great!

    1. Thanks Laura, and I love your blog :) I know I never thought I would love squats but now I'm a master at them. No deflated balloons here!


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