Wednesday Weigh-In & Motivation


 Damn I'm up 2 pounds :(   so this week it's 183.8

 Oh well I'm not gonna dwell on it I know some of it is that TOM is here and,  the other part is some of that left over retirement party (I did party the crap out of that 10% maybe next time I'll only do a 5% lol)

So with that damn gain it's good that there is a lot of motivation going on in these here parts

Last week I finished up my training sessions with Soben.  She told me she was starting a new type of training session.  Basically it's a boot camp type session dubbed the "Mommy Make-over".

Thank gawd for birthday money (and a hubby that is very understanding of my weight loss goals) I was able to swing it just barley.  And she was able to schedule it for Tuesday and Sundays so I will be able to do both.  SWEET! it's like getting twice as much for the $$.  So I plan on taking full advantage of it and work my ass off  literally.

Then tomorrow we will be starting a "Biggest Loser" contest at work.  It's pretty basic.  You can be an individual $15 or a team $20 , weigh-in's are every Thursday if you gain you "owe the pot" $1 and it's for 9 weeks. Oh and we are doing measurements as well.

If you want to know ALL the nitty gritty here's a pic of the "rules & regs"

I decided to do the work challenge as an individual.  I did try to get CareBear to do a team with me but she wasn't havin it.  (We did this challenge a couple times a few years back and boy towards the end it got ugly.  Chicks bitchen about havin to owe the pot and wanting the money back if the lost it the next day...geeshhh girls come on)  So she is still pissed worried about the "politics and game play" but we have a bunch of new girls and we made sure to reiterate that it's all about motivation and helping others! 


  1. That boot camp thing sounds awesome. I do so much better when I work out with other people, especially when there is someone telling me what to do! The Biggest Loser challenge sounds so motivating. I've wondered about doing dietbet type things before but don't trust the who anonymous/strangers factor. I think it would be cool to do it with people you know. I also like that measurements are involved - there is some extra accountability and motivation for you. Good luck!

  2. I can imagine it gets nasty and competitive with those challenges. Women sure can tear each other down sometimes. I always have a small gain when it's TOM. So annoying!


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