Week in Pictures

As I was going through my phone I figured I'd recap my week in pictures for you cause I know you are all so interested in what I'm doing every single minute of the day...NOT

Ok this is actually a little NSV for me.  The free pantie from Victoria's Secret. I've only ever gone there for perfume (I love me some Body by Victoria) but I've never been comfortable buying anything else from there and not to mention I didn't fit into anything (I did have myself measured there for a bra once and then was promptly told "Oh we don't carry that size sorry." So yes slightly scarred ever since) so I've always given the free pantie card to TaTa.  This time I figured I'm gonna use it and if it doesn't fit now it will later cause this girl is on a mission!!  Guess what, it fit so all those free panties are mine NOW.  Whoot Whoo... and who knows I may just have to get measured for a bra again soon. Though I'm not sure I could drop $50+ bucks on a bra  yea I can be cheap like that

Ugg this one kills me. I love living in Southern California, the weather is great and there is always something to do and everything is truly less than an hour drive oceans, mountains, deserts.  But the traffic is effing a pain in the ass.  Sometimes commuting can suck it!

When you can't make it to the gym ya gotta #JustDance  I freakin love that Wii game and it actually gives you a good burn, that's for an hours worth of showing off my sweet moves.

and when you can make it to the gym you pump some iron baby... I've become pretty confidant in my lifting skills lately so on my weekly gym dates with CareBear I make her do some lifting (and  get a third day in there for me) win win.

and this is the feeling when you forget your pony holder and you have hair sticking to the sweat on the back of your neck Ewwwwww

Once again sitting in traffic but the weather was so nice I figured I'd take advantage and work on these pasty ass legs.  #thisgirlneedsatan

at least I don't do it this way... WTF? dude,  and I'm not sure if he was wearing  any clothes at all, when we passed him he didn't have a shirt on either?

How was your week?

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  1. Great post! A few months back I was able to fit into a large at VS. I love the hipster underwear. :)


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