Knock Offs & Glutes

Hi all!  Hope your weekend was fun-tastic!!

Saturday we had our requisit morning soccer game.  It was pretty exciting and Drama Queen scored her first ever GOOALLL!!!  I knew she had a little mexican in her after all and I can totally say that seeing as I am mexican.

Her team giving her some HIGH 5 love

Then TaTa, Mom and I headed to downtown LA to check out the Fashion district.  TaTa wanted to look at some clothes and I wanted to check out the fabric and notions.  Drama Queen has out grown most of her summer PJ's and I wanted to make some new ones and a few summer dresses also my BFF Kyss is prego so I need to be makin some baby stuff stat! 

Checking out Santee Alley

I also scored this

Yup a set of MAC brushes normally $85 I got em for $25 (I'm pretty sure they are knock offs, but they are pretty good quality so I'm not complaining) and I also got the Urban Decay Naked 2 pallet normally $60  I got it for $20 (I'm not sure if this one is a knock off or it "fell off" the back of the truck.  It's actually really pigmented and seems to be the real deal so whatev) I'll take it.

Finally Sunday was my Mama bootcamp and DAMN it was a killer one.  We had a few more girls so we went for 90 minutes.  HOLY HELL there was alot of sweat.  It was totally Biggest Loser style.  I was pushing 50 pound boxes across the floor, jumping rope, and trowing some damn heavy balls around that's what she said sorry couldn't help that.  This was my calorie burn.

Today I am so feeling the after effects of that work out.  I can hardly sit with out wincing (it seems to be all in the glut es). 

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