Weigh-In Wednesday..a New Year Begins


Happy WIW.  I'm on the down side of the Yo-Yo this week 182.0 so that's -1.4 pounds lost this week.  I really was hoping to start May off in the 170's but alas that is not the case yet again this month.  It is driving me crazy that I can't seem to break this 180 mark ugh!   So I'm going to come up with a plan and set some goals for this month and break through that effing wall.

On another but similar note,

I can't believe I've been doing this for a whole freaking YEAR!!

In this last year I've only lost 40 pounds.  I say only because when I started my "new life"  I figured I would almost be at goal by now or hell at least close.  But I'm about half way there and even though I tend to bitch about how slowly the scale is moving, it is moving.  Maybe not every week but at least it's been pretty consistent and I don't feel as I have been starving myself, or been on a crazy crash diet that I can't maintain for the long haul.  It's been slow sooo slooww  and steady and it is something I have come to realize I CAN do for the rest of my life cause that folks is what it is. This IS the rest of my life.

In a year I may not have reached my "goal" weight but here are some awesome things that HAVE happened:

1. I went from a size 20 at 221lbs to a size 14 at 180ish

2. I couldn't even run a mile a year ago and in Feb of this year I ran my first Half Marathon

3. I actually have MUSCLES!!   I can do bicep curls with 17.5lb  weights and leg press 110lbs!

4.  I am HAPPIER and more CONFIDANT!!!

So even though I'm not yet where I want to be,  I am so far from where I was.

I can totally handle that!

Oh and totally go check out Erin and Alex and link up with their awesome Weigh-In Wednesday Par-TAy!  There are some cool peeps hanging out over there :)


  1. Listen. You are one of my favorite bloggers/ IGers because you are real as shit. I've lost 36 pounds, and I wanna say that our journey started about the same time, and same weight. It's frustrating seeing people lose 60 pounds in 3 months. Like .... Seriously, what is that crap. But I feel good knowing that we are learning how to keep this off. Doing this mess for a year. Keeping the weight off. Sooooo that long rant over, I just want to say congratulations! You are an inspiration. You are doing it.

    1. I just LOVE YOU Bailey (in a totally no creepy kinda way)!!! I just keep thinking we are the turtles in this race, and slow and steady wins it! How are you doing in boot camp? I love hearing about it and of course all the sweat pics lol :)

  2. 40lbs is awesome! I too am stuck in the 180s..frustrating! We'll get out of here soon though!

  3. You can clearly rejoice in your scale victory, because 40 pounds is no joke, but seriously, your non-scale victories are AMAZING. A non-runner to a half-marathoner in one year? Going down several dress sizes and being able to post noticeable before/after pictures? Bicep curling 17 pounds?! And the last NSV is priceless - happier and more confidant. Yay for a changed life! Keep on keeping on, the scale will catch up as you continue living your new lifestyle. You are doing fantastic Alma!

  4. Thanks guys!! You truly are helping me stay motivated. If it wen't for you guys sometimes I think I may have given up. smooches to all


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