Tea and Hiking and Growing Up

Summer is in the air, and you can totally tell by all the "end of school" activities.  Friday DQ had her Kindergarten's Author's Tea.  It was so cute to listen to all the kids read their stories and they are all so proud that the can read it by themselves though I'm pretty sure DQ ad libbed a few things in hers.

Saturday was beautiful so it was time to hike.  TaTa and I had a great time, we did a 5 mile loop that is pretty much 2.5 miles  uphill then 2.5 down.  My quads were sure feeling it later that day.  

Turns out that hiking is actually some pretty good bonding and burned some major calories (823).  TaTa and I talked about boys  her not me and life.  I really enjoyed it and am now kind of sad.  About a month or two ago TaTa told me she was planning on moving out.  Not far just up to her grandmas about an hour away.  My mom has a big house all to herself, and as TaTa explained it, its her baby step of getting out on her own. I'm super proud of her taking the initiative to get out and find her way, but like I said a bit sad.  My baby is growing up.

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  1. Your little girlie is so cute! They grow up too fast. :( Great job on your hike. I love to go hiking, and it's a great workout.


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