Biggest Loser

Thursday marked the 6 week mark for our Biggest Loser competition at work.  It's been going pretty good.  Most everyone is doing well and we are all trying to support one another. We all had big losses the first weeek or two then it kinda leveled off.  I have been losing steadily and have not had to "pay the pot" yet.  But I have also not been the Biggest Loser either.  It is actually pretty close between three of us. K and Erin were the the BL last week at 4.9% overall loss and I was right behind them at 4.5% .

That is until this week!!!  I had a great loss 2.6 pounds seems I lost a few ounces between WIW on Thursday BL weigh-in, but I only "count Wednesday here (I guess doing all that extra exercise for my trainer challenge really helped) and I have been spot on with my eating.  So after everyone weighed in I went into the back room and saw this!!

How awesome is that!! So excited, but I'm not can't get a big head about it since KS and Erin are right on my heels.


  1. That is so awesome! Keep it up girl!

  2. Yay Alma! Congrats Biggest Loser :)


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