3500 Challenge

So this week my trainer Soben gave me a challenge, to burn 3500 calories exercising.  To keep track I had to take a picture of my heart rate monitor or my garmin and send it to her.  I was totally siked and was all "challenge accepted".  I figured not a problem it brakes down to 500 calories a day, I can swing that.... yeah until life gets in the way.   I started the week off strong.

Here are my burns from Monday running with TaTa (482 cals)  and Tuesdays Mama Bootcamp (427 cals).

Then Wednesday TaTa and I decided to try HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)  to break it down it pretty much means we ran like a bat out of hell  for 1 minute then brisk walk/jog for two minutes and repeated that 10 times (we also did a warm up/cool down jog for 5-10 minutes).  Holy Hell it was hard I thought my legs where going to fall off and my lungs felt like they where going to jump out of my chest and burst into flames!!  But it burned 504 cals so yeah it was worth the pain :)  

After our HIIT run
After our run I had DQ's soccer pizza party to go to UGGG pizza is my favorite.  I had all the best intentions going in but in the back of my mind I was actually scared I wasn't going to stick with my plan.  Luckily the kids pizza was taken care of and the Hubs couldn't make it so I only had myself to worry about. So I ordered a small salad and that was that.  There was a ton of leftover pizza and the coach offered it to us.  I'd love to say I didn't have a single bite but I would be lying and that aint cool so truth be told I did have a piece but only one and even though I really wanted to eat another six. I kept it at the one and was pretty damn proud of myself.  

Now this is where the challenge got rough.  You guys probably know by now that Thursdays are my girls night gym date with CareBear, but this week I forgot I had promised my mom that I would meet her for dinner, since she was at a conference down the street from my house.  Anyway that meant no exercise (even though I truly tried to think of every way possible to squeeze it in) and a "not so healthy hotel dinner"  I got the chicken and rice pilaf (only ate half) but I did have dessert (chocolate mousse cake).  So that means 
I'm gonna have to amp it up the next three days to make up for yesterday.

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