So Many Bubbles So Little Time

Happy Memorial Day peeps!

Hope you are all enjoying the three day weekend if you were lucky enough to have one.
It was pretty quiet around here.  We decided to just stay home and be low key.  But that doesn't mean we didn't have any fun. 

On Saturday we did this

We did the Bubble Run 5k!!!  It was so much fun and so well put together.  We signed up for this about a month ago when I saw it on Living Social (kinda like a knock off Groupon) for $24 then I saw a $5 off any Living Social deal of $15 or more so we scored and did the run for a grand total of $19  see I'm a freaking math wizard.  Talk about a deal! Normally these types of runs are anywhere from $35-$60.  I know right, but they are so much fun and I will pony up the money if it looks really good.   Luckily this time I didn't have too.

Like I said it was so much fun, I would totally do it again and maybe even pay full price.   The race started at 9AM a little late for some races but it was being held on the UCI campus and thee was a no noise rule until 9am so that meant no loud speakers or music until then.  Damn collage kids what, they actually want to sleep in on a Saturday pffftt.  I kid.... anyway once it started the bubbles where in full force.  I was a little worried that it was going to be really slippery, but actually it wasn't at all which was good as this course was REALLY hilly,

 and the bubbles where just as BIG.

 Everyone had a great time and we made it a girls day with TaTa, DQ, my mom, and of course CareBear.

But as with all race there is always some EPIC FAIL!!!  


PS.  I have no clue who that is if I did, I would not have let her wear white pants and a thong when there is water involved (isn't that like an unwritten rule or something).  


  1. That looks like SO much fun! And, you look so skinny in those pics!

  2. Way to go!! This run looks like so much fun!! I have ran the color run before but never the bubble run!! And great job on lucking out on such a good deal!

  3. That looked like so much fun!'

  4. I love fun runs like this! It looks like it was a blast and I'm so glad you got it for cheap and were able to make it a Girl's Day! Happy Memorial Day!


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