Weigh in Wednesday...Cafeteria Style

Pretty Strong Medicine

Also all good things must come to an end not really but sort of kind of...

I have been on a great losing streak the last month, (total loss -7.6) especially since being stuck in the 180's for like EVER!!  

So I really wasn't that shocked to see a small gain on the scale today,  bummed yes... surprised no.
I am up  + 0.6lbs just a tad over a half pound so that puts me at 176.4.  I am actually ok with it and am not going to beat myself up about it too much.  Also I'm sure it has a tiny bit to do with the fact that TOM is just around the corner,  or the fact that I may or may not have eaten a tiny army of fish sticks yesterday....

come on I can't be the only one who loves a good fish stick.

Totally brings back the memories of that crappy cafeteria in 6th grade listening to Salt-n-Pepa's Push It

 on my totally rad walkman

eating fish sticks and taco boats...ummm taco boats.


  1. Congrats on the loss over the last month - that is great that you can accept a small gain. You have come pretty far in a month. I want to be in the 170s so very bad!

    1. Thanks Ash it took me almost 3 months of bouncing between 183-181 to finally break in to the 170's .

  2. Anonymous5/29/2013

    You have had a great month! And what is this taco boat you speak of?

    1. Thanks Amy. A OMGee how have you not heard of a taco boat? Basically it's a really hard taco shell filled with meat like substance and sorta cheese on top then baked until it resembles a hard chewy disc ...ya pretty gross but I loved those suckers in elementary school. LOL

  3. Salt - n - Pepa, a Walkman ( I used to listen to Guns 'n Roses Don't Cry for HOURS) ... I was with you until taco boats. And now I feel as though a vital part of my youth was taken away because I have never eaten a taco boat in my life. ;)
    Great job on the weight loss this month! You've been killing it!

  4. It's only a small gain, I mean your weight can fluctuate from day to day, so I wouldn't worry about it. I LOVE fish sticks. I buy some from Costco that are more healthy, because they are supposed to be less processed and have more fish in them. The brand is Trident. Their salmon burgers are awesome too!


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