Oh Hey Friday…Dance Party

I have been doing really well at getting in my 30 minutes of activity and most of the time I am doing more than that. I guess the no expectation is working (so far).  The thing that has always helped is my tunes if I have good music I can do just about anything.

So for this Fridays Five I  put together my faves for the last few weeks.

I LOVE this song besides being fun and catchy the message is pretty damn awesome!

This is my new anthem.  The older I get the more I really don't give a you know what!
It's kinda liberating :)

This is my high school self coming out, 

I can get down and work up a good sweat to this one enough said!

another great sweatin' song but every time this comes on when I'm run I lose my rhythm,
cause the latin in me just wants to dance! haha

So  there you have it the music of my life :)

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WiW…All or Nothing

Hi Guys, thanks for letting me vent yesterday.  I have just been in a funk lately. trying my best to stick to something...anything really.  I think summer just got the best of me, to tell the truth this year has got the best of me.   I don't know if it's because of the surgery or all these fricken  aches and pains due to surgery. Not that I'm trying to make excuses.  Yes some of those aches and pains make it a little harder to go all out at the gym or on runs but I am still fully capable of going for a walk, and  make healthy food choices.  There is no reason for me to be sitting there at night mindlessly snacking,  (and yes Desiree you hit the nail on the head it's just boredom).
After writing that I have been trying to be more mindful of what I'm eating and doing.  Even though I still feel in a bit of a funk I am working on getting back into good habits. I'm really working on NOT snacking. the plan is to come home make and eat dinner then 20minutes later I can have dessert.  But only ONE!  It can be whatever I want but one sensible portion. As for working out my goal is to get in  at least 30 minutes 5 times a week. Again it can be what ever I want a walk, run, swim, or weights but at least 1/2 hour if it's more great, but I won't force myself to always go big because then I just won't do it if I'm not feeling it. 
So far  Monday I made myself go to the gym and told myself I could just walk for 1/2  hour then I could go home.  But when I got there I ended up doing the elliptical, then I figured ok I'll just add 15 minutes of stairs.  When I was done I went to get DQ from kids club but she begged to stay a little longer (they were doing relay races) so I walked on the treadmill for another 15min so all in all I got a whole hour in. 
Tuesday I had a ton to do at home (aka fight DQ on homework... it's already started)
so I told myself if I run on my lunch (1/2 hour) then I don't have to do anything else when I get home.  so I busted out a quick 2 mile 30 minute run in the heat I was sweating buckets but it I knew I could do it because it was only 30 minutes, and I didn't feel guilty that I didn't go to the gym.

I really got into the mind set of all or nothing and  I think that screwed me up.  So now I'm back to baby steps and taking it one day at a time.

Now that I have made you read a novel lol here is today's weigh-in.

I'm actually down .2 pounds go figure.  Hopefully the means my one day at a time attitude is working.

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I have a confession to make. 
 More like a realization... I am struggling.  

The scale is slowly creeping up and I can make all the excuses, and I have.  I tell myself it's only one pound, then next week oh it's only one pound , the problem is those pounds are adding up. Then I realize weigh in is coming and try to "be good" to get the weight back off so I don't disappoint you  or embarrass me. It's become a vicious cycle.  

The same with my daily eating. Basically this is how my day goes, breakfast a healthy balanced one normally some thing like oatmeal, or egg whites with a piece of lean ham with coffee lots of coffee!
Then lunch comes and it's pretty good too, a lean protien (normally chicken or fish) with some veggies, and piece of fruit.  

Then I get home and it begins… 

The snacking.  I go to grab a string cheese then think I'll add a piece of fruit. Then oh maybe a handful of cereal. Then I think to myself,  stop Alma just make dinner so I do . It's a healthy one similar to lunch, and then it just keeps going.  I'll have "dessert" and think ok done...then a while later I think I'll just have another spoonful of __________ fill in the blank, and next thing I know the "one more spoonful" has turned into and empty container. 

WTF am I doing??  


Oh Hey Friday!

Hey there it's Friday!! 

 This week has marked the end of summer for us as DQ started 2nd grade on Wednesday.
It's only been 3 days but so far so good :) she seems to like her teachers and is happy to be back with her friends.

Even though school has started that in no way means the summer weather has left us.  In fact it has been even warmer here lately.  This was my too hot to cook dinner. 

DQ still can not get enough of the chicks she is always in my office watching them or playing with them.  They love to just sit on her and sleep.  Who knew they would be so snuggly.

Finally made it to the gym yesterday with Carrie for our standing Thursday girls night. I really wasn't feeling it but I couldn't stand her up :) and she promised my froyo after so how could I say no.

and just because it's too cute I had to show you this flashback friday.
My dad actually sent this to me the other day.  Aren't I a cutie lol.

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WIW… Always One or The Other

See I did jinx myself!  I'm up a pound but Im not to stressed about it this week.  It's that time of month and there is always a little gain no matter what I do. 

Eating has been on point this whole week even with our little road trip on Saturday. I had packed apples, grapes and string cheese.  We did eat lunch on the road but kept it healthy with Subway.
And yes there are still a few weeks left of summer but that craving for soup it still going strong so I made this super easy chicken noodle and veggie soup in the crock pot.  

And since it is THAT time I have been craving sweets like a fiend so instead of totally going on a bender I whipped up these "healthier" peanut butter brownie bites! YUMM and much lower in calories than the "real" version. 

Though my food and nutrition has been awesome, I wish I could say the same for my workouts.  I really thought last week I was getting back into the groove, but then poof all motivation was gone again. I just can't figure out why I can't get both things going at the same time!! Anyone else having this problem? If so how are you trying to get over it? 

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Apartment Chicks

Sorry there was no post Friday but this weekend was busy!!!  

I got a bit of a surprise on Thursday night, TaTa is moving out again... Last year at this time she moved out of our house to my moms (just more room and no little sister to fight with). This time she is moving out all by her big girl self into her very own apartment!!  

When did she get so grown up and responsible… Damn I must of done something right.
I am so proud of her, in the span of 3 months she has bought a new car and found an apartment all by herself.  So this weekend I did what any good mom would do and took her shopping!!
She pretty much has a bed, T.V and dresser so we hit up Ikea and a few other stores to get some must haves, like dishes, towels, pans.  
It was so fun, we got a ton of walking in, stayed under budget, and found some really cute things.

Besides our impromptu shopping trips, it was chicken day on Saturday. Me and the girls took a drive up the coast to Lompoc where Dare 2 Dream Farms is and picked out our chicks.  We ended up with an Easter Egger (Xena Warrior Chicken), a Barred Rock (Princess) and an Australorp  (Noodle) can you tell we let the girls name them lol.  They are so cute and funny to watch.
It was quite the 3 hour drive home with all these girls!

Sydney Doolittle enjoying her new calling as an urban chicken farmer :)

Dobby is not quite sure what to think yet, but he is being very sweet  and hasn't even barked at them.  But we are keeping a close eye on them all.

Even though it was crazy busy I did get in a few good workouts.  I did the treadmill HIIT training 
again, and threw in some swimming since it was so hot this weekend!

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Weigh In Wednesday

Two weeks in a row, dare I say I might have found my groove again... Crap I probably just jinxed myself… But I did lose (not quite a pound this week but that's pretty normal for me after a week of a bigger loss (2+ pounds last week) .

This week what kept my streak going were just the basics.
Portion control.  I made my favorite chili Monday (I have been craving soups and chili for weeks) and instead of grabbing the huge bowl (that I could demolish and go back for more) I opted for a coffee mug perfect size about one cup and I felt satisfied instead of overly full.

I also got in a really good work out at the gym I tried a new made-up HIIT treadmill workout and it made the time go by pretty fast and I never got bored. I ran at a 5mph pace 1.5% incline for 2 songs then walked at a 3mph 5% incline for one song then a 3.5mph at a 18% incline for 2 more songs and did that 4 times.  I was drenched in sweat by the time I was done and had burned 500 calories!
photo bombed my the kiddo

and doing the thing that is the reason for my healthy lifestyle change
playing with my kidddo.  We took the bike out for a three mile ride to the park and back.  DQ did a great job keeping up on her new big girl bike and she even got me on the swings!

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Another weekend in the books.  This one was pretty relaxing and I'm not complaining. Pretty soon (like two weeks) DQ will start school and the hectic back to school craziness will start.

Saturday started off with a not so quick 3 miles.  My pace has slowed way down, I am so not happy about that but tit's my own fault (it has been a struggle to get myself motivated as you all know) I think I may need to get back to my early morning runs and quick!. After my run I enjoyed a coffee protein shake (like my glass lol) by the pool.

Then it was off to the farmers market and Sam's Club (yes I realize that is an oxymoron of sorts but I'm a rebel…and just to prove it I'm ordering my chicken coop for my urban farm fresh egg layers from Amazon haha) to stock up on some healthy eats.

And though I will be ordering my coop from Amazon it won't be for a few weeks (the chicks need to stay inside until they are fully feathered about 5-6 weeks). So the hubs and I built this cool little chick brooder all by ourselves( he even let me use the circular saw that is after i pouted that I was a big girl and knew how to use power tools), and the new tenets will be here next week.  We, ok DQ and I are so excited the hubs still thinks I'm nuts  but how awesome will pet chickens be!

To end the weekend we went to The Cheesecake Factory.  It was so good and  easy to stay on track they have the best skinnylicious menu.  I know right Cheesecake Factory and "healthy-ish" food who knew...

How was your weekend? do anything nuts?

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Fridays Five…Totally Random

I am still riding on that awesome wave of losing 2 pounds this week! Instead of how I would normally give into temptation a bit and have a few "extras" here and there, I am staying the course and making better choices,  moving my ass and keeping busy (that is big for me I tend to eat cause I'm bored).

Here are some things that been keeping me busy this week.


I love my job! Where else can you "play" all day and get paid (ok not all the time but summers are lite and laid back most of the time).  We are doing a great outdoors/camping theme this week and we painted rocks so I made these beauties for my garden.  Aren't they cute!

speaking of garden this is the other side of my yard.  The palm trees were getting out of control, so I decided to take things into my own hands and clean it up! Another unconventional workout, I was sweating like a beast when I was done…turns out gardening is hard freaking work, that and having some dull ass clippers makes you really use some muscles.


I feel like I haven't seen my mom in ages so we were chatting… this was too funny and also a reminder I need to get going on training.  The Long Beach 1/2 Marathon is only 2 months away Yikes!!

This is also a boredom buster for me.  I swear my mouth just likes to move (some who that sounds naughty) whether  it's talking or eating,  so chewing gum has really been helping with the mindless snacking.


and it is official we are really getting chickens. We are  driving up to Dare 2 Dream Farms in Lompoc next weekend to pick them out, I was going to have them delivered but we decided to make a day of it and drive up the coast, hit the farmers market in Santa Barbara and maybe lunch in Solvang. I also really wanted to show DQ a real farm this is so exciting and a little crazy.  


WiW…Progress is Not Always Perfection

Whoop Whoop I am actually down 2.2  freaking pounds this week!!

But I have a confession to make…. I didn't hit all my goals I set for the week.

1.Tracking check, I had that shit down, and even with all my fun weekend actitvites and going out to eat (a lot) I made sure to write every damn thing down. It may not have been perfect and I may have guesstimated a few things but at least I tried and had an idea of where I was.

2. Getting to the gym twice this week..nope not quite.  I did make it there once and it was a great work out I did 30 min on the elliptical and 20 minutes on the rowing machine.

3. At home activity…once YES!! actually more than that and that is also why I didn't make it to the gym more than once.  I was really trying to push myself to get to the gym another day but it was so hard to try and squeeze it in.  I had all my stuff packed and ready to go yesterday when DQ asked "hey mama can we go swimming?" I said no we have to go to the gym…Oh her poor little face and as I drove home to the gym I thought "What the hell am I doing??" This is why I am working so hard, to play and have fun with my kiddos. to be able to keep up with them and make lots of fun and active memories.  So I turned around and went home…to go swimming with my kid!!  

here's a pic of me (and my crazy hair) afterward DQ was already getting the stuff ready for the "carwash".

And it was FUN, we played, had swimming races, and I had her doing a few "aqua class" type things with me first me being the "teacher" then her turn to show me some moves lol. 
 Afterwards we decided to have a carwash and sponge fight :)  

It may not have been the gym workout I was planning but I made sure to really play hard and get in lots of movement so it would "count", and DQ and I had fun the ultimate goal.

DQ did a pretty good job of taking my pic I'd say :) but don't mind my weird face lol

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California Girls

This weekend was so full of fun and awesomeness....It was bestie Carries b-day and we went for not one but for two days of California style celebration.  Friday I snuck out of work early to play on this piece of awesome

Yes that is a ginormous slip and slide!! Add that with a few Mai Tais and it is party central.  I was a good girl and the DD so I  only had two.  We also did a little swimming

  and Carrie did a little more drinking, enough to let us throw her down the slide, yes we threw her lol it was epic!
Yes it's sideways ugh but it's too funny not to share!  

Then we made our way to Fred's in Huntington Beach, little did we know it was the U.S Surf Open!  The place was packed and crawling with beach bums, I think every one of them in the state of California  was there.  But we had a good time and I was good here to one skinny margarita and fish tacos (grilled not fried, go me!). We went to HB Brew Co. after and had another drink (water for me aren't I good) then called it an early night because we planned to go paddle boarding early the next morning.

me and the littles (the younger girls)
Saturday we were up and out by 9 and off to Newport beach were we had a groupon for Balboa Fun Tours. When we got there we were a bit confused (as I have never done this before) it looked like the shop was not really near the water, (I expected it to be right on the beach) but guys at the shop were so nice they  told us that we would be right around the corner in the marina. They  got the boards loaded it up into a little wagon and biked it over to the beach for us gave us some quick instructions and we were off.  It was a bit tricky for a minute but once to get your balance it was pretty easy.

Remember I said I had heard it was a good core work out, it's true.  Nothing super intense, but you could feel your self working some muscles! 

We had a blast paddling around the marina check out the beautiful houses and boats.  We got back a little early (we had two hours) so played around and  tried some yoga poses on top of our boards (this is a real thing, people actually do yoga on a paddle boards wtf??)  
I rocked the shit out of that warrior pose!
Then TaTa had to show me up and do a back bend
I LOVED it and will be doing this again soon (I already bought another groupon) for $20 you can't beat it.

After we walked down to the beach and had some lunch, it really works up an appetite.

yes one more drink (a skinny mojito and the three of us shared that big ass basket of fish and chips.

What fun things did you do this weekend?

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Friday Five....Refrigerator Surprise

Yup I am still doing Fridays Five I can't help I like it :)  this weeks five is pretty much a little recap of my week so let's do this.
I have been doing great in my food choices and staying on track.  Sometimes it's really hard since my school serves up some pretty tasty snack for the kiddos ie. pot stickers, bean and cheese burritos, English muffin pizzas...so much food.  But I am staying strong and my  goal is to only eat what I have brought in my lunch  bag (yes I pack a lunch every darn day).
apples + pb = best combo ever

berry chicken salad
and as far as food goes it is not the only thing in my fridge at the moment thanks to DQ.  She is my own Dr. Doolittle.  This girl loves every creature under the sun (except maybe spiders but can you blame her) so some times I find things like this.

dand I need to go to the grocery store...
continuing on that path I think I'm slightly to blame for her creature/animal obsession.  I was like that too when I was younger and still am a bit the only thing that stops me now is that my mom isn't here to take care of the animals when I tire of them lol just kidding sort of  hence how we ended up with a dog after the hubs swore we would never have any more (just had to give him the sad eyes... works every time how do you thing I finally got my dish washer).
which brings me to my new pinterest board

Yup we are getting chickens.  Not right this minute probably in the next month or two. We need some time to get a coop (hello those thing can be pricey, any one out there want to donate to my farming dreams lol)  and all the other necessities for being "urban" chicken farmers :)

add that to my little plot of a garden and I am a happy little "wanna be" urban farm girl!
isn't my cantaloupe cute

Now I'm off to celebrate Carries Birthday with a few margaritas and some paddle boarding.

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