WiW.... Not Enough Equals Too Much

Ugg…I knew it wasn't going to be good, but seriously. 
  I'm up 2.8 this week.

It doesn't help that it's that time of month, could also be why I had such a hard time saying no to all those yummy treats I got for the girls why Ash was here.

Pizza and sundae making…

S'mores by the pool

I was really hoping to jump right back on track full force but it's taking all I have latley.  I am getting some activity in (because come on exercise doesn't always have to mean the gym, it can be fun too)  but not nearly as much as I have wanted (it's just so damn hot).  But I at least getting in my steps, getting the garden (yard) up to par,  and swimming ok splashing a lot in the pool with DQ, but it's definitely not enough. 

This weekend is Carrie's birthday and we are doing dinner and drinks in Huntington Beach but at least it will be followed by paddle boarding the next morning.  I'm so excited!! We found a Groupon for it so decided to try, I have heard it's a great core workout!  We will see, and since we will be heading to the beach early that should keep most of the "drinking" in check. I'm not sure how hang-overs and paddle boarding would go, and I'm honestly getting to old to find out.

I haven't made any goals in a while so this week I will and it will be to make it to the gym at least twice this week and do one at home "fun" activity. Also really watch what I an eating and track everything.

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  1. I am with you on tracking!

  2. Hang in there! We have to keep living and enjoy life :)

    1. Thanks Leslie :) I just need to not enjoy it as much sometimes lol

  3. Sorry about the gain. Summer is so full of tempting treats! You got this!!

  4. Ouch, sorry about the gain. Right there with you. ((HUGS))


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