Weekend Recap....That Stung

Hi all!  Hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th of July. 
Here we did what most did,just relaxed by the pool with great friends,
 good food.

  I did make sure to start out the day with a run, Carrie stayed over and we were supposed to do the 5 mile hike by my house but she was a little tired and by the time she woke up I was just finishing my run.  I did try waking her but it was not happening and I really did not want to wait it was already pretty warm and I can not stand exercising in the heat!  That is actually how I ended up with a gym membership,  It was so I could run in air conditioning lol! 

Saturday I was nursing a bit of a hangover.  Those darn vodka and fizzy waters just go down to easy.  But I spent the day shopping for shoes, a dress for DQ and browsing for myself.  We are actually going to my dad's hometown in Mexico for a big family reunion/baptism/quinceanera (that last one is like a sweet 16 on steroids) all rolled in to one.  I'm super excited to be going I haven't been to Fresnillo (that's my dad's hometown) since I was 22 and I have a buttload of relatives there that I haven't seen in years. 
I am a little nervous flying on my own with DQ there.  It's not a tourist town/airport and my Spanish is just ok.  I can get by with it here but there I'm not so sure. I'm just praying all goes smooth and Dad will be waiting at the airport as planned (he is going a few days ahead).
  Then we wrapped up the weekend by having this guy show up

turns out it wasn't just my lemon tree that was attracting all the bees to our yard or my milkshake  lol  but an actual nest inside the cinderblock wall.  Last week  I actually got stung on my hip while laying by the pool. then this morning this was on the wall. 

 By the time the bee guy came it was triple the size.  so he removed them and sealed up the wall so hopefully no more bees. 
So what fun stuff did you do on America's 238th birthday??
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  1. wow, I would have freaked out about some bees!!! Sounds like you had a good weekend though :) Your trip sounds really nice. I am sure everything will go fine. We had a good weekend. I had way too many sweets, but they were so good. I know I have been consuming too much sugar, when I wake up craving cupcakes...lol


  2. Stopping by from the link up. Love that you got some fitness in for the weekend--- that totally negates all the other calories taken in :-)

    Stop by and say hi www.itsagirlgirlworld.blogspot.ca

  3. And that is the same reason I got a treadmill - so I could run in the air conditioning - I don't do heat very well!

  4. You just reminded me that I need to run! hahaha. By the way I just found your blog from Bloglovin' - they said we should be friends so I decided to stop in and say hi and check your blog out, glad I did! I'm excited to be following along now via GFC and bloglovin!

  5. Yup heat and bees are definitely on my suck list! I LOVE the name of your blog. So awesome :)


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