Oh Hey Friday

It's (almost) the freakin weekend!!
So that means it's time to link up with Kari from September Farm for

This week started out well enough.  I always started out feel enough with good food choices for breakfast and lunch.

Then dinner came and all that good planning went right out the window.  
not dinner so much as dessert.  I made this cool little pinterest project for a homemade s'mores station.
Ya it was a hit with the kids and a danger for me! I love me some charcoal marshmallows.

Even though I was off for a week I had to take off Thursday for a doctors appt. It was time for my 6 month check up (after surgery).  Nothing like rocking a hospital gown :0)

Since Ashleigh was here for just this week I made sure to get everyone (aka TaTa)  all together for a quick family photos shoot.  I don't want to totally give it away but this year's Christmas card is going to be epic!

Finally tomorrow we will be heading out to Phoenix to drop Ash off back home I will miss her.  We do not see her nearly enough, I really hope now that she is older that will change a bit.  She is just the most polite and sweet girl.  She is as quite as Syd is crazy the seriously are total opposites.  But I love them both and it's fun to watch their relationship blossom.

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  1. Such lovely girls! and I hope your appointment went well! Happy Weekend :)


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