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Weigh In Wednesday

After a week of no workouts and no calorie counting….

So as I expected I am up 2.6 pounds.  I honestly thought I would be more seeing as I only got in one good workout while on vacation. Not to mention all the sitting we did while traveling all over.  Also all the fantastic Mexican food we ate!!  So I'm ok with it and like Desiree from Skinny Geek Within told me Monday "now time to get back to work!" and that's what I'm doing.

Of course it's still not easy, because I'm really not back to my regular routine.  As soon as I got home from Mexico the next day we drove 3 hours to the  Arizona/California border to pick up my step-daughter Ash and turned right back around to go home (she is staying the week).  Which meant more sitting, but at least there were restaurants with salad (and milkshakes but I refrained except for one or two bites)
I may be turning into a rabbit.  And this weekend we are driving her all the way back to Phoenix (5hrs) but at least we will be making it an overnighter and staying with our  friends Amy & Jason. It's been forever since we saw them last.

Though this week is crazy trying to figure out where the girls will be, or who will stay home with them, it's all working out!  I've even managed to get in some work outs.  I got a 3 mile run in on Saturday

then sunday I went for a 5 mile hike with Claudia and her sis in law Debbie.

Followed by all day at Knott's Berry Farm.
 Holy crap I don't know what I was thinking, my legs are still quivering, and my fitbit said I had walked over 24,000 steps and climbed 175 flights of stairs!

My goal was to hit up the gym on Monday & Tuesday but I was so tired that I 've been asleep  7:30pm.  So today I will make it to Aqua cause I LOVE the class and I gotta lose those 2.6 pounds.

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  1. Oh my word, I'm exhausted after reading all that! WOW 24,000 steps!?! geez!

  2. I had a weight gain too, but like you I'm already back on track :) Great job of being so flexible, and still fitting in lots of exercise:)

  3. Anonymous7/23/2014

    it's hard to be on vacation and coming off of it! sounds like you're doing everything right though! good luck and try not to get discouraged by your little gain. it'll come off. have a great rest of the week!

  4. It's so hard to get back on track after a vacation. I hope you had a fantastic time in Mexico!

  5. Wow! Look at you tugging along and bouncing back from Vacay!

  6. Way to go on getting back into it post-vacation! I just got back too and had a 3lb gain :-(

  7. You will bounce back in no time!


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