It's Hot, Sticky, Sweet....

 So what do you think?... I changed things up a bit on here.  I blame the Diet Dr. Pepper I drank at 4pm on Friday night...I should know better, but any way.

It was another great weekend, wow I am on a roll.  The beginning of this summer I promised myself that this year I was going to use our pool more and so far so good!

Saturday we had the "un-birthday" party for DQ lol.  A few close friends came over for pizza and swimming it was super laid back and though we did do pizza,  I made sure to have lots of  veggies, fruit and salad. I will admit to a slice and a bit of ice cream cake but I was balanced and still enjoyed with going over bored.

nothing like eating cake in the pool

The other great thing about summer time swimming is since you are outside you can have tons of messy drippy watermelon then just jump in the pool (cause I'm a cool mom and don't pool days count as baths in the summer??.)  Honestly I absolutely love watermelon it's the perfect healthy summer treat, but I used to never buy it because I HATED cutting it and I'm too cheap to buy the pre-cut.  Talk about sticky, juicy mess twss I know sorry couldn't help it.  That is until I learned this little trick.

Thank you Pinterest!

How To Cut a Watermelon with Less Mess

 1. Get a BIG ass knife (I like to use my serrated bread knife)

2. Hack off the top and bottom of the watermelon.

3. Carefully cut the rind off, so you kinda have a naked looking  watermelon.
notice there is hardly any juice...see it works.

4.Now just slice and dice how you like (you can pretend your Dexter)

 now there will be some juice at this point but I found if you do it on a cookie sheet it pretty much stays contained  (I was just to lazy to do it yesterday so by the sink worked just as well)
The great thing I still have a ton of watermelon left over for this weeks snacks!

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Fridays Five...Oops I Did it Again

Ok were you all as sad as I was about the girls over at 5 on Fridays taking a summer break!!
I loved friday's post because it was quick, fun and didn't need any rhyme or reason to it. I totally understand though it can get crazy in the summer. So even thought they are not doing the link up for the summer I'm still gonna do a Friday's Five post, cause I'm kinda a rebel sometimes!


Yup the hubs and I went to happy hour again.  Now that summer is here Grammie is keeping DQ over night on Wed. which means a date night for us.  Time to start researching healthy happy hours....is there even such a thing??  


This is freaking delicious!! Not even lying I received a coupon in my TLC VoxBox from Infulenster for a free one. I got the Carmel Truffle and it's seriously amaze balls, and only 140 kcal for a half a cup (if you can stop at that) and so creamy.  I'm going to be picking up the Tiramisu and Raspberry cheesecake flavors soon! What's summer with out a little gelato..so fancy.


 So bummed I don't know what happened,  but when we came home last night our patio umbrella was lying about 20 feet from where it belongs and is now broken.  Go figure it happens two days before a swim party ugh.


I got a great deal on some Jennie-O turkey the other day at Albertson's. They were on managers special for $2 each!! Holla looks like I'm meal prepping some turkey for the next few weeks #gobblegobble


So now it's off to clean up the house for said non-birthday swim party, party.  Yea I'm a sucker I said I wasn't going to have a party for DQ's B-day and it's not really just a few like seriously only 2 other family's coming over for pizza swimming and so what if there's is cake!

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WiW.... Back to Basics


Well here it is 

I am actually down a pound :) and that included going to the beach, happy hour with the hubs, and a family BBQ so that is why I have decided to get back to basics.

I have finally decided to eff all this bullshit and get back to what I was doing when I first started.  I am so tired of toying with the same 5-10 pounds for the last year.  I don't know if it is a mental block or a keeping up with the Jones thing.. .  I know you thinking what the heck who is the freaking Jones's in this rant??

Let  me explain.  

When I started this blog it was for me and my weight loss journey.  I did my own thing to get the weight off (basically moving my ass and eating healthy foods and less of it). I didn't worry about macros, Carbs or protein I didn't worry about what the new "exercise" fad was, I just did what felt good and worked with my life.

Then I started reading about other people doing this or that and the other and getting these great results (and more readers) . So I would hop on the band wagon, so many wagons, and if I didn't see fast enough results or ones similar to "them" I would go on to the next thing.  

Turns out that doesn't work, at least not for me.  I'm sure it worked for them because they stuck to it and I kinda felt like I was falling back into my old ways of looking for a quick fix.  Even though it was a healthy one I never really seemed to give it my all, it was mostly to stay on "trend" with all the other bloggers... 
That was my bad, and pretty dumb.  I'm not here to become a big time blogger (though I wouldn't stop it if it happened haha) I'm here to lose weight, be healthy, and a role model to my girls.  If any one else likes what I do and wants to read about it and find motivation from it that is just the cherry on top!

Believe me I want to be motivating and hope that someone out there reading this will say "hey she is a regular person and can do it so can I" because that's what happened with me.  But I need to be true and do what I do and not worry about trends, or looking the part.  I need to BE the part.

So I'm going back to basics,  simple easy meal planning, watching my portions, and moving my butt err damn day.  

Speaking of, here was yesterday's workout 
30 min on the elliptical alternating between ramp incline 5/10 resistance 2/10
10 min on the rowing machine
10 min treadmill 24% incline 3.0 mph (and boy is my booty feeling it today)
9 min cool down at 9% incline 2.0 mph 

Thanks for listening to me and my craziness :) 

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

This weekend has been one of the best in a long time...
Saturday we decided to celebrate the first day of summer by going to the beach.
We ended up at Corona Del Mar and it was gorgeous. The hubs had to work so it was me and my girls and one of my dear friends Claudia (my partner in crime through much of my high school years lol)

I even made sure to stay on track by packing our lunches and snacks and NOT hitting up the little concession stand they had there. It also made it a pretty cheap day.  Though after all that  walking back and forth to the tide pools and hauling the cooler through the sand we figured  it was ok to have just a little treat! 
and it was so worth it TaTa and I split a red velvet and a lemon blueberry it was so worth every bite.
Then Sunday I started off the day with a run TaTa had stayed the night so she joined me.  (She didn't have any P.J's or work out clothes so I gave her some of mine to try on and if it didn't work we could run out to Target.... It fit slightly baggy but it didn't fall off.  It was kinda cool the girl I wanna "borrow" clothes from was "borrowing" mine haha,  and she fit into them and didn't swim in them a NSV of sorts.) even down to the sports bra and shoes lol! 

We ended our 3 miler at Starbucks and enjoyed a coffee and a mile walk back home.

Then we had some family stop by. It was short noticed but we had a blast and I did have enough time to hit up Costco to get stuff to BBQ and replenish the fruit and veggies for the week. Especially BLUEBERRIES I can not get enough of them lately.  This has been my go to breakfast the last couple of days.

Yum the honey adds just enough sweet to it :)
Last but not least, thank you to everyone who entered the $100 Victoria's Secret Giveaway.
The winner is ** Lindsay W.**  congrats girl !!

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5 on Friday


I got in a couple good workouts this week. I went for a run, did some weights and even went for a bike ride (I haven't done that in years) I guess it actually makes it more enjoyable when my butt is not trying to eat the seat lol.


I also have discovered I actually like veggies in the morning...who knew??


This happened

I was so sad, luckily I was walking out to my car at the end of the day.  But on the flip side I get to go shoe shopping  this weekend, a girl needs her Havaianas! and I've had my eye on a black pair for a while now.


Went to the doctor yesterday about some pain I've still been having (normally when I wear pants random I know) He said it shouldn't be from the surgery it was to low.  So now I have to go get another ultrasound.  It may be a hernia caused by the surgery or possibly nerve damage from the surgery.  Or worse case another tumor.  Lord give me strength I do not want to do this again!


So after hearing that from the doctors I went out and had one, two, ok three of these with the hubs at happy hour.  Probably not the best choice but we were kid free and well damit it's been a rough week!

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Winner will be announced next week, good luck

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WiW.... The Summer of Giveaways

I have been going back and forth with the scale again trying to decide if I want to keep doing weigh in with it or stay with the tape measure.... So I came up with some thing in the middle.

I am going to weigh in on the scale as usual on wednesdays but also keep a monthly measurement log as well that way if the scale doesn't move hopefully the inches will be down.

Well I guess I'm going to jump right in... Today's weight is 177.0  (I tried to take a picture but it kept coming out blurry and then saying Lo...gotta get some batteries now too)
and as far as measurements I will start with last weeks (you can see them here)

So now for some FUN stuff!!!


So Many Days

Wow what a weekend between DQ's birthday and Father's Day we had a celebration every day it seemed.  Friday night we babysat, and since it was DQ's birthday they had a special little thing set up for her.  It was so sweet, they are the nicest people!

Then Saturday we celebrated at home with presents this year she really wanted a kindle fire so I gave her the choice of that or a party, but not both.  I explained to her that that was a "big" (aka expensive) present and a party cost a lot of money too so it was one or the other (my attempt at teaching the value of money and trying not to over indulge).  So she chose the Kindle and we took her to her favorite place Red Robin she loves her some cheese sticks. I don't think she even missed the party and I have to say I sure as heck did not miss the clean up!

On Sunday we decided to head to Venice beach for lunch and some people watching, I was so happy TaTa even came down.  It was the most beautiful day and I will admit to some sangria and maybe a few nachos but I'm pretty sure I walked it off by the time we left.  I had already hit my 12,000 step goal by 1pm and we still walked on the beach after that. 

 It was a great weekend filled with lots of family time and fun.  Maybe a bit to much cake, but when we got home I meal prepped the hell out of some tilapia and veggies so I am ready to take on this week!
This Weeks Goals
1. Steps 12,000 per day
2. Weight train at least twice
(my abdominal mesh from surgery has been feeling off so I did not do any weights last week and I have an appt with the doctor for a recheck this week ugg)
3.Cut out the licks tastes, and nibbles
(I have been doing way to much of this lately especially when making those darn cupcakes damn you red velvet)


Move Over Jason... Friday the 13th is for This Girl!

OMG it's Friday the 13th!!!

 and I love it especially because it's this girl's 7th Birthday

I can't believe how time has flown by so fast.  It seems like just yesterday this blonde hair, grey eyed beauty made my heart grow even more!

She can eat her weight in fruit (seriously this girl will eat a pound of strawberries a day) but won't touch a vegetable (still I won't give up hope)

She is her daddy's princess.

my workout buddy

Who loves snail races,

and every animal under the sun!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!! Mommy Loves you.


WiW....Tape Measure Edition

 It's another Wednesday weigh-in and though I don't have any numbers on the scale for you....
I do have my June measurements and I have to say I'm a bit surprised I've been feeling so discouraged.  I pretty much have been the same weight for the past year.  No matter what I do I just keep playing with the same 5-8 pounds.  It's so damn frustrating  seems I've figured out how to maintain but I'm just not ready to do that yet!  So Any way here it is

 Measurements for May                                                    June                             Difference
Bust - 35.5"                                                                      Bust - 34"                     (-1.5")
Waist -34.5"                                                                    Waist - 34.25"               (-.25")
Hips - 44.5" (these hips don't lie haha )                           Hips - 43"                     (-1.5")
Bicep - 12.5"                                                                    Bicep - 12.75"              (+.25)
Thigh - 23.75"                                                                 Thigh - 23"                    (-.75")

Wow that's a loss of 3.75" inches!!  
I am actually shocked I really didn't think I was losing anything.  I guess there is more than just the scale.  

And I may need a new belt soon.

This weeks goals are going well I have been hitting my 12,000 a day step goal,

 I think Dobby is really happy about that :)  He loves his walks, and so does DQ #fitfamily 

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