WiW... Dog Days

Since I'm taking a scale break I don't have much to repot except I'm killing it in the food department and since I had the extra day off I was able to meal prep for the week!  Also my workout have been pretty darn good too!  So we will see next week where the tape measure is at.

Talk about being thrown right back into it. Yesterday was my first day back at work and I think I already need a vacation again!!  When I got home all I wanted to do was relax work on some photo editing of an engagement shoot I did.  Thank good ness it was a rest day, but that meant
I was about 1,000 step shy of my 10,000 step goal so I figured after it cooled off a bit DQ and I would take Dobby out for a long walk.

 Talk about best laid plans.  After dinner I noticed Dobby acting kinda funny like he was drunk or something, he tried to jump up on the couch and couldn't quite make it like he had no energy.  Then he starred to squeal a bit I finally picked him up and he peed all over me...WTF???  

I put him in his pen for a bit and it just got worse so off to the emergency vet we went, and of course the Hubs is out of town so I had to take DQ with me.  Poor thing was a hot mess.  Thank goodness the ladies at the VCA were so sweet and helped her take her mind off it by letting her snuggle with this little girl.

After the exam they really didn't know what was wrong, they are thinking it is a possible allergic reaction.  So $200 later we take him home and hope for the best.  I was so scared this morning when I woke up afraid he might pass in the night (I so could not deal with that) but luckily he seemed a bit better, and my mom picked him up on her way into work to take him to our normal vet and have him checked.  So I'm hoping for the best for my fur boy!

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  1. SUCH a cute baby! Glad he's doing better!

  2. Hope sweet Dobby is doing much better now! How scary for you guys! (((Healing hugs for Dobby)))

  3. Aww he's a cutie. Glad he's feeling better and hoping it was nothing serious!

  4. Hope your pup is doing better! Great that you're killing it in the food department!

  5. Aww ! Hope its nothing really!


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