5 on Friday


I got in a couple good workouts this week. I went for a run, did some weights and even went for a bike ride (I haven't done that in years) I guess it actually makes it more enjoyable when my butt is not trying to eat the seat lol.


I also have discovered I actually like veggies in the morning...who knew??


This happened

I was so sad, luckily I was walking out to my car at the end of the day.  But on the flip side I get to go shoe shopping  this weekend, a girl needs her Havaianas! and I've had my eye on a black pair for a while now.


Went to the doctor yesterday about some pain I've still been having (normally when I wear pants random I know) He said it shouldn't be from the surgery it was to low.  So now I have to go get another ultrasound.  It may be a hernia caused by the surgery or possibly nerve damage from the surgery.  Or worse case another tumor.  Lord give me strength I do not want to do this again!


So after hearing that from the doctors I went out and had one, two, ok three of these with the hubs at happy hour.  Probably not the best choice but we were kid free and well damit it's been a rough week!

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  1. I don't blame you om having those drinks after being in medical limbo. Hope everything turns out fine!


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