So Many Days

Wow what a weekend between DQ's birthday and Father's Day we had a celebration every day it seemed.  Friday night we babysat, and since it was DQ's birthday they had a special little thing set up for her.  It was so sweet, they are the nicest people!

Then Saturday we celebrated at home with presents this year she really wanted a kindle fire so I gave her the choice of that or a party, but not both.  I explained to her that that was a "big" (aka expensive) present and a party cost a lot of money too so it was one or the other (my attempt at teaching the value of money and trying not to over indulge).  So she chose the Kindle and we took her to her favorite place Red Robin she loves her some cheese sticks. I don't think she even missed the party and I have to say I sure as heck did not miss the clean up!

On Sunday we decided to head to Venice beach for lunch and some people watching, I was so happy TaTa even came down.  It was the most beautiful day and I will admit to some sangria and maybe a few nachos but I'm pretty sure I walked it off by the time we left.  I had already hit my 12,000 step goal by 1pm and we still walked on the beach after that. 

 It was a great weekend filled with lots of family time and fun.  Maybe a bit to much cake, but when we got home I meal prepped the hell out of some tilapia and veggies so I am ready to take on this week!
This Weeks Goals
1. Steps 12,000 per day
2. Weight train at least twice
(my abdominal mesh from surgery has been feeling off so I did not do any weights last week and I have an appt with the doctor for a recheck this week ugg)
3.Cut out the licks tastes, and nibbles
(I have been doing way to much of this lately especially when making those darn cupcakes damn you red velvet)


  1. Awesome weekend! I'm with you about the licks, tastes, and nibbles. I really need to cut that out as well.

  2. You have a very wise little girl!! Congrats on that and a great weekend!

  3. Red Robin.... YUMMMMM! We went there this weekend too.

  4. The weather behind you looks gorgeous! and so do you all


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