Why did it Take Me So Long...

Hi all hope you had a great weekend?
Here it was filled with nothing...lovely wonderful nothingness.  Well I guess that's not entirely true
I did spend a lot of time on Nexflix...
Why has no one told me how awesome Orange is the new Black is! 

OMG I totally binge watched the first season this weekend I even took the iPad by the pool so I could multi-task. Though my crazy fur boy didn't like it so much he wanted to be on my lap seems he loves the sun as much as I do.

 I don't think I've watched this much T.V since my surgery. 
But no worries it wasn't all lounging around I got in a great run yesterday morning. It was a quick 5k my pace was not the best 14:21 but seeing as how I haven't run more than sprints lately I'll take it.
 I also went for  a walk every night thanks to my family  they were driving my bananas so I had to escape and really what better way.
On Saturday we took DQ to John's Incredible Pizza... think Chuck-E-Cheese on steroids,
and top it off with all you can eat pizza, pasta, and desserts, don't worry I stuck mainly to the salad bar but yes I had a piece of pizza too but just a small one it's my weakness!  I also finished editing the engagement session I did.  So sweet, I can't wait for their wedding in Nov. and I finally get to go as a guest this time instead of the photographer :) 

Finally this weeks Goals
1. Stay in my calorie range AND my macros
2. Keep replacing my 2nd cup of coffee with green tea
3. Get in 12,000 steps a day on my fitbit
(right now my target is 10,000 so I want to  push a little more)

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  1. We just started watching OITNB on Netflix this past week; only to episode 3. Love it!!


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