WiW....Tape Measure Edition

 It's another Wednesday weigh-in and though I don't have any numbers on the scale for you....
I do have my June measurements and I have to say I'm a bit surprised I've been feeling so discouraged.  I pretty much have been the same weight for the past year.  No matter what I do I just keep playing with the same 5-8 pounds.  It's so damn frustrating  seems I've figured out how to maintain but I'm just not ready to do that yet!  So Any way here it is

 Measurements for May                                                    June                             Difference
Bust - 35.5"                                                                      Bust - 34"                     (-1.5")
Waist -34.5"                                                                    Waist - 34.25"               (-.25")
Hips - 44.5" (these hips don't lie haha )                           Hips - 43"                     (-1.5")
Bicep - 12.5"                                                                    Bicep - 12.75"              (+.25)
Thigh - 23.75"                                                                 Thigh - 23"                    (-.75")

Wow that's a loss of 3.75" inches!!  
I am actually shocked I really didn't think I was losing anything.  I guess there is more than just the scale.  

And I may need a new belt soon.

This weeks goals are going well I have been hitting my 12,000 a day step goal,

 I think Dobby is really happy about that :)  He loves his walks, and so does DQ #fitfamily 

Also linking up with Liz the blonde bombshell @ Fitness Blondie and Amber @ Fit Foodie Runs


  1. Good job! Yep, usually when the scale falters, if we have been sticking with the plan...it's inches that are changing. Congrats!

  2. I am glad that you did your measurements. The scales can be so frustrating at times.


  3. Great job on the non-scale victory!!

  4. I am on the same boat with you! No scale difference this week but measurements are looking great -- you know that is what matters. YOU GO GIRL!

  5. That's awesome. More muscle less fat!

  6. Fantastic measurement victory! Way to go!


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