Run Alma Run

My goal is it try and run a 5k (or more) every other month.  I would love to try and run one every month but those things can get expensive, but if it really looks awesome or I have the extra dough I will try to do more.

July 4th 2012 Claremont Village Freedom 5000  (5k)  done!

Sept  22, 2012 Girls on The Go (5k)   Total Fail didn't do it.

Oct.14-21,  2012 (Virtual 5k) Cupcake Classic  done.

Nov. 3, 2012 The Color Run (5k)  looking forward to this one I have a Team *Fifty Shades of Color (yes so because of the books) and my whole family and friends will be running with me even my little Drama Queen.  Done and so great!

Nov.30th 2012 The Electric Run (5k)  This looks like a party!!     Done but just so-so

Feb 3rd. 2013 Surf City Half Marathon...I'm really gonna do this!   DONE!!! and Awesome...

Oct. 2013 Long Beach Half Marathon .... Done I PR'd 

Nov. 2013 Race For The Rescue 10k .... Done

May 4 2014 OC Half Marathon 

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