No Turkey in Arizona...

So we were suppose to be in Arizona for turkey day and well.....

That didn't happen.....

We were all packed and ready to go 5am on Wednesday morning off we went only to get about 30 miles from home when my car went crazy AGAIN!!! wtf?  So here comes the tow truck (and a call to TaTa to come get us).

Waiting for TaTa and very sad we are not going to Arizona .

Here she comes to save the day!

We were hoping against hope that The Hubs could fix it and we would still make it.... That was a big fat NOPE.  As I type the car is still sitting in the driveway waiting for a part that once again we are "hoping" will fix it.  Ugg I have had the worst freaking luck with cars lately my entire life.

Well luckily all was not ruined my mom was hosting a big thanksgiving for the whole family at her new place, so we hitched a ride with my Pops and step mom (yes you read that right my parents have been divorced almost 20 years and are the best of friends very weird I know but it totally works).  

But before that I started out my day with my 6 miler I was very excited and nervous all at the same time that would be the longest I have ever run.  I woke up early like real early 4:30am (I think the nerves got me) so I just relaxed woke up watched a little T.V had some coffee and my usual pre-morning run breakfast of half a peanut butter sandwich and a banana.  I waited a while to make sure I wasn't going to have to use the potty where would I  and since I didn't have a car (and didn't want to wake anyone to use theirs I just took off from the house.  I went straight down the road and just ran no other goal in my head except to finish and burn calories for some Pie!  Yes Pie was my total motivation well that and yes to brag that I had run 6 miles that morning.  I know I know, but it was all good bragging. My whole life I have been a couch potato and always being yelled at to "go outside and play"  so now when I tell my dad about my activities he is just so darn proud and I love that!   

 Let me tell you that was the BEST run I have ever had!!! I don't know what it was but I felt like I could run forever...it totally had to be the runners high and to top it off it was the best pace for me ever to. I did 6.25 mile at a 12'27" pace YAY ME! 

Yes I am laying on the dirty ground...when I finally stopped
all the gas sputtered out  :)
After my run I was a bit worried how my legs and knees would feel the rest of the day. So I decided to try an Ice Bath, but not just any old ice bath I went full on lol, actually I was just lazy the tub was dirty so I just jumped ok sat in the freezing pool. It was flippen cold but I think it worked my knee was just a tad twingy that day but otherwise I felt great and my legs were all normal like the next day too, so this may be the thing to do after my long runs.

DQ and I on our way to Mom's house 

The whole family minus TaTa & Boyfriend they left early to brave
Grey Thursday :)


Turkeys and Shoots

I am so very late on this weigh-in post...sorry.  On Wednesday I weighed in at 192.4 a -2lbs loss yay!!

 I'm hoping that next week will be a good one to but I'm not so confidant.  It's been crazy busy here.  As you know I am a Pre-School Teacher by day but I also do photography on the side, and this time of year gets crazy.  So I have been doing a lot of  holiday shoots and that means tons of time on the computer online shopping editing instead of blogging.  And that also has meant quick thrown together meals and a few drive thru one to.  Though I have been getting in ALL my training runs I've been laxing a bit on my other exercise ie, Aqua.

 I am very excited and looking forward to the Thanksgiving holiday.  We are going to the Arizona Besties house (the Hubs BFF and one of my BF's are married and, yes I take full credit for that one thank you very much!)  They have no family out there and it's just them and their 2 cuties pies so we try to make it out there for Turkey Day every year.  It is so relaxing no drama and the kidlets are close in age (Drama Queen and their oldest are only 6 wks apart yes we totally tried to plan it that way.  So I can't wait.  Also my plan is to enjoy myself but not go overboard and I'm also going to make that morning my long run day 6 miles so I will feel a little better about those mashed taters.

So what are your plans big family get togethers or quiet gatherings?

I'm going to leave ya with a few pics of what I've been up to.....


Color Run *Long and Full of Pics*


That was F.U.N.

Last weekend my friends, family and I did the Color Run in San Diego and let me just tell you it was really the Happiest 5k on the Planet. If you've never heard of it check out the link it's a blast.

We started it off by heading down to San Diego after work (it's only about and hour and a half drive from there.  Moms and TaTa came to pick me up then off we went, the others CareBear, Barbie, and my bestie Kyss (along with her sis Babs) met us down there.  We stopped off at Road Runner Sports to pick every one's packet up and it was crazy the line snaked around the building and parking was a bitch, but over all it went smoothly they were very well organized, overall it took about and hour and yes that included some shopping for "race gear" on my part.  I was looking for a hydration belt *check and some Nuun *didn't find any, but found Gu Brew so gonna give that a shot cuz I can not stand Gatorade *gag*. 

Any way we finally made it to the hotel got cleaned up and decided to hit Old Town for a yummy Mexican  Dinner...well had we planned better we would have known it was Dia de Los Muertos, basically a Mexican celebration of the dead, and it was packed like a Justin Bieber concert packed So scratch that instead we hit up a Chipotle... that's Mexican enough lol.

Yumm sorta mexican...
The next morning we were up early and had some breakfast at the hotel then off to catch the trolley to Qualcom Stadium where the race was.  It was crazy busy, but again like packet distribution it was all very well organized and went smoothly.

My mini runner fueling with waffles... and nice photo crash
dude in the back. It's all good I so do it to except
I would have thrown up the peace sign lol.

At the starting line once they had most people corralled and ready they let us go in waves, actually more like large groups and none of it was by time (the Color Run is a fun run not a timed run).  The only rules are.... 1.) Wear White  2.) Be courteous to everyone, runners on the left walkers on the right and 3.) Have Fun...   and it was a great thing letting us go in waves because that led to very little back up at the "color stations".  Now for some fun pics:

At the starting line a Clean Fifty Shades of Color Team
Don't cha love the ties ;)

After the 1st (pink) and 2nd (orange) k's


Drama Queen and Moms making a dash for the finish line.
At the Finish line! We are one happy mess.

Overall it was a great time and I will so do it again.  Some people don't like the "fun runs" like this. They complain because they are not timed or they have to walk a bit because it's crowded with walkers, and yes they can be a bit pricey  and you know what I say to them... a big ole' fat SUCK IT!  
I love these things! Running is fucking hard and it's fun things like this that make it worth while. Sometimes you just need to have fun with it or you'll burn out.  And another thing of all the people that went with me and did the run only one of them is a "runner" the rest were just coming to have some fun.  It's awesome that exercises can be a fun weekend and get together and things like this get the other people in your life who wouldn't normally or aren't into "running" to get some exposure and hell even break a sweat.  So yes I will pay a little extra to have fun and share my love for a hard ass sport!
getting off my soap box now....


Weigh-In Wednesday #28

I'm down -1.2 pounds yay!!! That's awesome especially because last weigh-in was on Halloween morning and the festivities begin at night so, I so could have gorged myself on candy rationalizing that I have a whole week to work it off, but I didn't... yes I had a few pieces (maybe five or six) but that's it and didn't have anymore after that because Drama Queen had her stash under lock and key and wouldn't share I have new found willpower.

I also have so much to tell you about the Color Run we did on Saturday, but it's been crazy here and my freaking car is busted again which really sucks when you commute to work everyday so I have been trying to figure that mess out, but I promise a post will be done soon.

A sneak peek at all the awesomness...


Wait What Happened to October?

Holy November Batman!! WTH???

I swear it was just October 1st a few days ago, now we are all nursing chocolate hangovers, and getting ready to stuff turkeys...pretty soon we will be putting trees in our houses and waiting for some strange little man to come sneaking into our house! No please make it stop (or a least slow down a bit.)

So with November upon us now time to get those goals going again.  But first I guess I should let ya'll know how I did on October:

Drink all my water 90oz. a day  Done! I actually love water so this was an easy one.

Log my food in to myfitnesspal , every bite, everyday especially on the weekends I either get to             busy or lazy.  FAIL

Log in a total of 30 miles this month.  I would have put "run" but since I took that impromptu break in August I can't seem to run more than a mile straight, so I  have to take walk breaks in between, and some times I'll give it all I've got then have to walk the last mile back home. So I figure as long as I'm trying my best and putting in the miles I'll get back there.  DONE! 32 Total

Run a 5k again with out stopping even if it's slow as shit. DONE and yes it's slow as shit but DONE!

And last but not least lose 7 pounds (that's just under 1.5lbs a week) totally doable. FAIL I yo-yo ed all month and only lost a total of 1.4 

Well I'm not totally pleased with the results and I know I can do better, so now I have to kick it up a notch in November!  and I'm hoping that with the goals and Half Marathon training it will help get me on the straight and narrow over the holidays!


November Goals:

 1.  Log food into myfitnesspal (AlmaCan1)  everyday. Even on Turkey Day!

2.  Run/Log 45 miles this month.

3.  Lose 6 pounds and get into the 180's

4. Do every day of training and not skip it.

5. Try/Make  a new "healthy" meal or dessert once a week.  (getting bored of the same old thing and totally slacking in the dinner dept. with the new running distances finding it hard to make the time to cook)

So there there they are.


Just a few Pics to make ya smile :)

The Witchy Drama Queen, And TaTa the Indian Princess
We are so weird  at work.  This is my little Banana she is my co teacher
(and only 6 months older than TaTa) so I have a total soft spot for her.
Any way we were teasing her that she could fit into kids unides
cause she is sooo tiny.. Yup we were right!

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