Wait What Happened to October?

Holy November Batman!! WTH???

I swear it was just October 1st a few days ago, now we are all nursing chocolate hangovers, and getting ready to stuff turkeys...pretty soon we will be putting trees in our houses and waiting for some strange little man to come sneaking into our house! No please make it stop (or a least slow down a bit.)

So with November upon us now time to get those goals going again.  But first I guess I should let ya'll know how I did on October:

Drink all my water 90oz. a day  Done! I actually love water so this was an easy one.

Log my food in to myfitnesspal , every bite, everyday especially on the weekends I either get to             busy or lazy.  FAIL

Log in a total of 30 miles this month.  I would have put "run" but since I took that impromptu break in August I can't seem to run more than a mile straight, so I  have to take walk breaks in between, and some times I'll give it all I've got then have to walk the last mile back home. So I figure as long as I'm trying my best and putting in the miles I'll get back there.  DONE! 32 Total

Run a 5k again with out stopping even if it's slow as shit. DONE and yes it's slow as shit but DONE!

And last but not least lose 7 pounds (that's just under 1.5lbs a week) totally doable. FAIL I yo-yo ed all month and only lost a total of 1.4 

Well I'm not totally pleased with the results and I know I can do better, so now I have to kick it up a notch in November!  and I'm hoping that with the goals and Half Marathon training it will help get me on the straight and narrow over the holidays!


November Goals:

 1.  Log food into myfitnesspal (AlmaCan1)  everyday. Even on Turkey Day!

2.  Run/Log 45 miles this month.

3.  Lose 6 pounds and get into the 180's

4. Do every day of training and not skip it.

5. Try/Make  a new "healthy" meal or dessert once a week.  (getting bored of the same old thing and totally slacking in the dinner dept. with the new running distances finding it hard to make the time to cook)

So there there they are.


Just a few Pics to make ya smile :)

The Witchy Drama Queen, And TaTa the Indian Princess
We are so weird  at work.  This is my little Banana she is my co teacher
(and only 6 months older than TaTa) so I have a total soft spot for her.
Any way we were teasing her that she could fit into kids unides
cause she is sooo tiny.. Yup we were right!

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