Wednesday Weigh-In # 27

Not to much of a move 195.6 up just a tiny smidge 0.2 but I am good. I've had quite a few NSV's lately and feel great!!

Also 0.2 gain is actually pretty great considering I was away for 4 days, totally out of routine. I did make decent food choices and tried to get in a walk and did a  workout DVD ( yup made sure to bring one). But there were dinners out and some major wine consumption!  Also I skipped my 4 mile run on Sunday.  But now we are back and back to normal.

Another NSV,  it was very very cold and I so wasn't prepared
so The hubs offered his Thermal saying "sorry it might be a little
tight though"...  Ya not so much!

1 comment:

  1. That's a great NSV!! You look amazing :)



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