October Goals

Yay it's October one of my most favorite months it's the beginning of Fall, which normally means cooler weather except if you live in southern cali where I do and it's 108 degrees today uggg, cozy sweaters, and boots. It's also one of my favorite holidays' Halloween and,  The Hubs and my anniversary.

Last month to get myself motivated to run again I posted that my goal was to run 25 miles by the end of the month and I totally did it (though squeaking out those last few miles was a challenge) mainly due to the fact that I didn't want to be a total loser and not do it after I said I was going to I put it out there into the universe so I had to make sure the goal was met :)

So for that reason I am gonna tell y'all my goal for October so they get done cause I'm so not into public humiliation ok maybe only that one time.

So here they are
  • Drink all my water 90oz. a day
  • Log my food in to myfitnesspal , every bite, everyday especially on the weekends I either get to busy or lazy.
  • Log in a total of 30 miles this month.  I would have put "run" but since I took that impromptu break in August I can't seem to run more than a mile straight, so I  have to take walk breaks in between, and some times I'll give it all I've got then have to walk the last mile back home. So I figure as long as I'm trying my best and putting in the miles I'll get back there.  Which leads me to my next goal...
  • Run a 5k again with out stopping even if it's slow as shit.
  • And last but not least lose 7 pounds (that's just under 1.5lbs a week) totally doable.
So there ya have it folks....Here's to a great October.

What are some of your goals this month?

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  1. Those are great goals. I started making goals earlier in the summer and I didn't do such a great job. Maybe it's time to re-visit them.

    Awesome job logging in 25 miles last month!



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