Magic Shoes

Well TOM has finally arrived and thank Gawd if I had gotten anymore emo I would've put 30 Seconds to Mars, to shame! With that being said I'm up a ton of water weight I hope that's what it is at least. This morning I weighed in at 199.8 well crap but at least it wasn't 200 (hey there has to be a silver lining some where right).
...don't they look all moody and depressed...

So on a good great note I had a fantastic run on Thursday, I was staying late at work to meet up with my mom for a fundraising dinner so I had decided to run after work. Well when I pulled out my gym bag I realized I had forgotten my running shoes SHIT! I was so bummed, I came in bitching about it to my friend Erin who I idolize (she is a running God... she has her plan to run 30 1/2 marathons by the time she is 30 and is almost there I believe she planned it so they fall very close together ... like I said a running God) any way she said she had an extra pair in the car that she keeps there just in case (see so running God like)  and I could borrow them. borrow that <----lol get it, I kill me.   I figured heck why not, I normally I wear an 8 1/2 and her's were 9 1/2 but when I tried them on the fit like a dream and felt like I was running on a cloud!!!

Holy Amazeballs these shoes must be MAGIC!!  I had the best run. Lately I've had a hard time getting back into the groove of running more that a mile straight without stopping to walk, my endurance took a major nose dive during that summer break.  But this run I ran over 2 miles without a walk break mind you it was a slower pace but I plowed through it!!

So I am so going to get me a pair of these amazing MAGIC shoes (well the new gen any way they don't make these exact ones any more) lol cause I did something CA-RAA-ZEE!!!  (like the teaser there) so stay tuned it will blow your mind.

These are the MAGIC shoes Nike Pegasus 28.
I just LOVE  that they are Hot Pink.  She even had them customized to say
Queen 13.1 (how awesome)

It was a great view for a great run.

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  1. No new updates yet?? I'm dying to know what crazy thing you did!! lol

    Glad you were able to get that run in-great thing your "runner god" coworker had extra shoes for you to borrow.

    Can't wait to hear your news!


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