A Day Late and A Pound Up ...Or...Teenagers Make Me Want to Eat!

Yes I am late again with weigh-in and I'm a pound up so that makes me 197 :( not so bad but I was hoping to start the month off with a bang!  Well I guess I need to buckle down and kick those goals into high gear  which should be so easy with it being candy month and all.

So I think I'm nearing my TOM which might explain that one pound gain or it could totally be the chili dog I had over the weekend whatev',  and my total emo self lately.  Even though I'm totally emo right now and I'm sure it contributed a little bit to what happened yesterday and the reason this post was late. I now know why some animals eat their young!  OMG..the teenager is going to be the death of me.  I swear some dark magic happens when your kid turns 18 yrs. old  I'm not sure if it's the "I'm-an-adult-now-cause-the-state-says-I-am-and-I-can-vote-go-to-clubs-be-charged-as-an-adult-basically-do-whatever-I-want" or what, but TaTa and I have been having a few issues lately, and I'm seriously over it.  Is it too much to ask for a little help around the house and NOT be met with attitude or complaints.  I mean really I work all day (gone 12 hrs) then come home clean up the house, make dinner, do homework with the little one, and try to fit in a workout (really my only me time), No I don't think so.  But when you turn 18 you get the whole I'm an adult and I was out cause I don't really need to tell you what I'm doing cause I'm 18 and all,  working or going to college. Yes I get that (not the whole not saying where you are going cause you maybe 18 big shot but you still live in MY house for FREE) but ummm let me see you work 15 hrs a week and all your classes are done by noon, Uhh ya there's some wiggle room in there girlie, so get on it.

 Yea so we pretty much had it out and I was so stressed which is a a total trigger for me (seeing as I am an emotional binger and  I  find a reason to eat for almost every emotion...I'm sad let me drown my sorrow with some creamy Mac & Cheese, I'm mad I need to chomp on some salty chips the whole bag please, I'm happy let's celebrate where's the cake...you get the picture) So all day I was fighting the binge mad at her for not helping out, mad at her for making me feel this way, mad at her for making me want to eat!  I know the eating part is all me and I really tried to take a minute stop and think about it. After lots of deep breaths and a long drive home I talked myself into sticking with the plan and going to Aqua, I figured good loud music and a little sweat would get me out of my funk or at least hoped it would.  I'm glad to say it worked I came home much calmer (and to a picked up house).

I"m very happy to have worked out that stress trigger and hope it means I'm finally getting over a few hurdles successfully.


  1. Wow, I can TOTALLY relate to your teenage daughter drama and the fact that it makes you want to eat!!

    Tonight I downed a bowl of ice cream and waaaay too many tortilla chips after an eerily similar argument with my 17yo daughter. She's a year younger and a senior in HS but has the "i can do what i want, when I want and how I want because i'm a senior and I'm going away to college next year" attitude. Tonight's arguement was over her learning how to drive. I recently had to buy a new car and purchased a standard. She's scared to drive it because she's struggling and decided that she's going to go buy a car for herself with money she's saved but couldn't figure out why she had to pay for her car insurance, gas, repairs and maintenance. A shouting match ensued. She would rather rely on friends and the school bus instead of learning how to drive my standard car, get her license and use it basically whenever she wants it since I'm still not working.

    GRRR Like you, I know eating will do nothing but make me more miserable but I did it anyway so I give you MAJOR props for having the will to "just say no" to food lol

    I'd like to say it'll get better but honestly, I'm not sure when or if it will!!! We moms can stick together though lol


  2. My kids are little and stress me out and make me want to eat also. I dread when they are teenagers! Is any stage easy? I also am an emotional eater, and there are days I find it hard to control. Really, the only thing that has worked for me is not having trigger foods in the house. I hope your daughter will be more helpful soon.

  3. Thanks Ladies, Yes I agree kids at any age are little (or big) stress magnets. Luckily things are getting better and I'm totally with you on not having the trigger foods in the house.


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