What have I Done?

So I told ya'll I did something crazy and I was not lying... I actually still can't believe that I really did it and now I'm getting a little scared...

I am running a Half Marathon!!!

Yup you read that right to be specific I signed up for the Surf City Half Marathon in Huntington Beach California, on Super Bowl Sunday if your anything like me and pay no attention to football that's Feb. 3rd.

I have always dreamed of running walking, crawling a Half Marathon and always tell myself that when I become "a better runner" I will do it. So as I was chatting with Erin the other day  she said " Sign up... Just do it, you can totally rock this besides what do you have to lose?" And then the kicker  "if you do the half I'll upgrade to the full." Now I know this is a big deal for her, yes she has run 24 Half Marathons, but she has only ever run one full one before which was terrible ( according to her) and to quote her " I am NEVER doing that shit again" so for her to take that on I knew she had some faith in me or she is just a glutton for punishment and digs torture.

So before I could even think about it I did it... And was so happy for about 5 mins. Then I thought what the hell have I done " Oh. God. I can't possibly run a half marathon, how the hell do I get out of this one?" But then that's why I signed up without thinking cause if I had taken any more time I would have talked myself out of it like always.

I have learned a bit about myself and even a few things about other people on this weight loss life style change, like I would never become "a better runner" I would always find an excuse or a reason I couldn't do it, just like with losing weight. But I'm doing just that yes it may be slower than I like, but it's doable and I actually enjoy it (yes I just said I enjoyed eating healthy and exercising). So why not run that half marathon.  I may be slow, I may will have to walk, but I CAN do this!

So there you go that's my big news, if you have any tips I would love to hear them cause to tell ya the truth I'm still scared ....

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