First Week Done

So my first "official" training week is done and it went really good (I'm following Hal Higdon's Half Marathon Novice 1) .  I was a little nervous at first though the running days are the same, but the mileage is a little longer.  Normally my shorter runs are from 2-2.5miles and the longer Sunday runs are 3-4 miles but now the short runs are minimum 3 miles so the mileage has definitely increased.  Also it is taking me a little getting used to the "have to run this distance" instead of "I'll see how many miles I can bust out before I go make dinner".

Overall though it's been a great week and I found a great little running/biking trail near the house.  I live in a very suburban area and it's not very interesting to look at while run (think miles of cement and houses and not much else), so this little trail is a nice change of pace. Also it's mostly asphalt so my knees are thanking me today.

So next up is venturing into the world of Gu and Shot Blocks...

This is what 4 miles looks like, a hot sweaty
feel good mess.


  1. New to reading your blog! Congrats on your weightloss this far!

  2. Great Job! I love having a plan. I follow Mama Laughlin, and she did the Hal Higdon 1/2 marathon training as well. This sounds like a good program that I may eventually have to try. Im doing C210K right now.

    1. I love Mama Laughlin she is Hi-larious! I was so rockin the running poof today.


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