Idyllwild Anniversary

It's the Hubs & I 8 year anniversary so we always try to find a little weekend getaway.  This year we went back to our favorite place Idyllwild, it's this very quaint little mountain community just above Palm Springs.  It is our 4th time here and we love it, it is just so quiet, relaxing, and peaceful just what ya need with crazy jobs, two kids, and no time.  There really is not much to do (and that's what we love about it), except get in the spa, watch tons of movies,  maybe hike a bit, and hit up a few yummy restaurants.  So overall quiet time. 
Our weekend getaway.
This year our cabin has wifi so both of us being the crazy and wild kids we are, are taking full advantage of that lol so much for snuggle time. So with all this quiet time I will be able to catch up on all my blog reading and write a few posts. Which brings me to my upcoming post. Bailey over at Bailey's Blog - Documenting a a Weight Loss Journey nominated me for the Liebster Award which I am working on now.
Isn't that romantic haha...

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