Weigh-In Wednesday #26

Today's # is 195.4 and is brought to you by:
 Half Marathon Training   ...lol can you tell I've been watching Sesame Street... 

That's down 2.6 pounds from last week SWEET!  
And to make it even a better week here are two NSV ( non scale victories)
The first is the shirt I'm wearing it's actually TaTa's she asked if I could fit into it, so I tried (mind you it is a large and she is normally a medium but sometime she likes it a bit baggy)  but so fricken what and it even looks good!!! So exciting I have officially borrowed the first of many items of clothing from her.
pardon the bathroom signs in the back but funny
thing is I have NO full length mirrors in my house
but that will be changing soon though
The second is these jeans are too big yay!  I bought them back in April and they were very tight but I figured I would eventually get in to them, now it's almost time to retire them :)

these babies are right out of the dryer too!


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