Moving Day

Wow normally I live for the weekends, but this one was tough.  Moving day finally arrived for mom and of course being the loving daughter I am, I gathered the troops( the Hubs and Ta Ta ) and made sure that they were free on Saturday.  I was hoping to get an early start seeing as it's been as hot as Hades.  But a few loose ends on moms part meant the party didn't get started until almost 1:00pm are you kidding?? (insert loving daughter face here)

Any who it was a ton of work I think mom may be a closet hoarder but TaTa and I thought of it as our workout for the day which actually helped things along and gave me way less guilt while eating that 3rd piece of pizza at 8pm.
Mom clearing out the garage
TaTa showing off her moving muscle...Oh and this is one outfit I will NOT be borrowing

All moved in!
All in all it took two days and too many trips down that dirt road but it's done YAY!!  Oh and as a bonus this morning the scale said 202.6 holy crap are you kidding...If that's the case anyone need any help moving?


Weigh-IN Wednesday #13


Ok now that, that is out of the way this weeks weight is 205.6 up 0.4 
Really, REALLY???  Come on I am so close to 200 and almost out of the 200's that I can fricken taste it.  This is driving me crazy,(* TMI ALERT*)  and to top it off I started my period AGAIN WTH?? it's only been two weeks since the last one.  Is my body going on strike or fighting back because I am getting healthy? I'm actually wondering if it's because of my IUD? I have the Mirena and it's been fine for the last year or so, but about 6 months ago I started getting this pain in my left side during my TOM, and I would think uh oh gotta call the DR. but then a few days later it would go away so then I would forget about it until next month and the cycle started again, now 6 months later it's still happening and I'm starting to be all off schedule...Crap I guess I really will need to go to the Dr. now...But at least this explains my total lack of motivation lately 😒


Hot Mess Party of One


And a Hot Mess has  = No Exercise!

Work has been super crazy busy (if you haven't been able to tell from the lack of riveting posts lol). My co teacher is going on maternity leave next week so we are trying to hire someone to replace her for now, and our other teacher is in South Africa chasing tigers on vacation.  We are also getting our new kiddos (2-3 yr olds)  in, which means tears, reassurance for both kids and parents and lots of wine Advil for me.  July thru October is always a pretty stressful time for me and work.

so wish I could say this some days
 Then there was the maternity shoot, which didn't happen.  About 5 minutes before we were to leave she cancelled UGG !!! Really I stayed in Orange County2 hours later just for the shoot then really couldn't leave at 5pm because that would mean MAJOR traffic I'm talking like a 45mile drive taking 2 if not more hours.  So instead I hung out at Grammie C's with the Drama Queen and had dinner then went home about 8pm I know that isn't late for most people but I'm normally in bed by 9pm due to the fact that I get up at 4am for work (ahh the joys of commuting).

Saturday was a Wedding (in the OC of course) that I 2nd shot for.  I have always been the main shooter so this was kind nice taking a back seat.  But as most of you know wedding days are crazy high stress, and most of the time that doubles for the photogs...if your stressed we're stressed, and trying to de-stress you, you don,'t want those ugly worry lines in your pictures do you ? photoshop can only do so much.

Though it hasn't been all bad stress there was some good stress in there... This girl got a new ride!!!

My first SUV

It was totally unexpected and we were so NOT in the market for a new car.  Seeing as we finally paid my car off 4 months ago and using that money to make some good dents in our debt, but the deal was to good to pass up and it as a complete steal (and there is still enough to keep chipping away at that crappy debt).   Also Ta Ta's Beetle is on it's last legs so, I gave her my old car and we will get rid of hers.

So with ALL that craziness going on I did not get one work out in, yes I feel shitty about it and I have definitely been cranky, not sure but I think I may have actually missed exercise gasp!!! But I am a bit afraid of falling back in to old habits because I'm sure there was a few minutes in the day where I could have squeezed in something, but it was just so much easier not to.  And the longer I go the less motivated I feel.

But the good part was I didn't go totally off plan YES I didn't exercise and I probably sat and watched to much reality T.V but I did stay within my calories and DID NOT overeat or binge.  The only near slip was going thru the McD's drive thru last night, after hours many many hours at the wedding I was starving so I hit up the closest place by and out of habit almost ordered my old usual, 2 cheeseburgers, large fries, and a coke wait what????  Yes that was a usual, then I would kick myself for not ordering a 6 piece chicken nugget chaser....Holy crap I can't believe I actually would eat all that YUCK or that I just full on admitted that in public  Luckily I regained my senses and ordered a kids  Hamburger Happy Meal with a water.

This week will be back to normal... SWEAR!!!


Weigh-In Wednesday #12

Whoo-Whoo!  down 2.2 pounds for a total loss of 16.6lbs!!

 I was really hoping to have lost more by now, but it took years to put on, hell who am I kidding I've always been a big girl with bad habits. So it's gonna take some time to keep these good habits consistent, and permanent.  I also have not been running as consistently as I was, it is just too damn hot , I yearn for the cool fall days and even colder winter weather.  I am so not a summer girl though I can sport a kick ass tan.  Also I have come to find out that I can eat really, really good and only lose minimal ounces, my body needs actual exercise to drop the pounds, damn you body!

On the Lose a Marathon front I'm not doing as well as I had hoped,  I started strong with the mini-challenges, but lately I have been a total slacker so busy with work, my photography (2 weddings & a maternity shoot in less that 3 weeks), and family.  So I am trying to get with it but I have to not beat myself up about it, as long as I am eating healthy, exercising, and losing the pounds with out totally bombing and giving in to the stress binging I'm cool with that.  I will get there...


So Busy with Nothing

Oh Emm Gee I feel like a train hit me...This weekend was filled with a whole lotta nothing. I have so many things I needed to do but I just couldn't get in gear and do them. Instead I did a bunch of stuff that well that, I just did.

We started off the weekend by finally going to see Brave, DQ has been bugging asking to go for a few weeks so Friday night was finally the time.  It was pretty cute, but a bit over DQ's head, but she loved it any way and we rounded out the night with dinner at Souplantation (I actually made good choices except for the two huge slices of sourdough bread.

Saturday we drove up the hill to get the keys to mom's new place in Victorville, it's about a 45 min. drive.  It's kinda bitter-sweet.  I have always lived with or near my mom, even when I finally moved out we only lived about 5 miles from each other and for the last 8 years we have only been 1.2 miles from driveway to driveway, (her house was my water/bathroom stop when running). So I really am kinda sad don't get me wrong she is moving closer to my brother and his family (about four houses down) and it is a much, much bigger house for way less rent (but it's also on a dirt road ick), but she's always been so close by.  If I need a cup of sugar or something anything I could just run over there and most weekends I will call her up and she if she wants to go to Target or the grocery stores I won't be able to do that anymore :(  So we'll see how it goes, the upside is she still works down here (by me) so she will be down this way everyday.

Mom's new house..really nice except all that dirt gotta love/hate the desert.
After wards we came back down the hill and went to lunch at Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour. If you've never been it's a blast but not very at all diet friendly but for a very once in a while treat it's ok.  I did make good better choices though I ordered a sandwich and only ate half and didn't touch my fries (Ta Ta ate those for me) because you can't go to Frarrell's without getting Ice Cream

The biggest Banana split ever!  
So I would love to say that no I did not have any ice cream but who would I be kidding it's summer, it's ice cream, it's Farrell's!!, Yes I had some, but I did not over do it and I was okay with it and actually pretty damn proud of myself. I also ran that night then again Sunday morning (remind me never to do that again, but that's next post) to burn off that ice cream.

We wrapped up the weekend Sunday with a trip to Ikea the happiest place on earth lol... at least mine anyway.  I love that place and it doesn't hurt that they have free child care in the Play Palace for an hour.  What is better that an hour of kid free window shopping, ummm ya nothing.


Wednesday Weigh-In #11

Well I stayed the same...207.4  not bad, not good but it is what it is.  I have been pretty good with my eating (and that's including a staff baby shower we had yesterday with tons of "comfort food") but I have been slacking in the get up and move my butt  running dept. but no excuses.

Just move it , move it,  to lose it, lose it.


50 Shades of Black & Blue

What??? you may ask does that mean...lol. Well let me tell you, better yet show you...

This weekend the Hubs and I got DQ a "Big Girl" bed and finally tossed the toddler bed in the hopes that it will get her the heck out of our bed. She goes through these kicks where she will seep in her own room for a while then all of a sudden she's scared or some such thing.

Thi was the last kick, sleeping in a box! 
Hey I'll do what ever it takes.

Don't get me wrong I love to snuggle with the little bugger but I am so over being woken up to a scissor kick in between the shoulder blades I'm starting to look like the loser in an MMA fight and a Mama needs her space. *Warning TMI alert* and even though I have read all three 50 Shades books we my poor husband has not been able to reap any of the benefits due to Little Miss in our bed!!

So the hubs and my inner goddess we are hoping the new big bed all decked out in her flavor of the month (horses) will keep her there, and the fact that I threatened to take it all back to the store if she doesn't... just kidding, not really I totally would.

Oh and as far as the dieting and exercising thing it's going, slow but going. It has been way to effin hot here to run outside even in the evening and dumb ass me decided to cancel my gym membership back in Feb. to save a few bucks. Of course now the healthy me has fully kick in and no gym bleh... Oh well this will not derail me, I guess it will be work out videos and Wii Boxing or Just Dance until hell has finally passed.

I am also hoping that the heat is the reason I have not been losing as much as I'd like (you know water retention and all) but if I drink any more water I might drowned because I am not doing as well as I had hoped with the Lose a Marathon Challenge. But I loved last weeks mini challenge - Create 7 healthy snacks under 200 cals.- I love cooking and my snacks, and have found quite a few low-cal options. So I will be posting them along with the recipes pretty quick. There is a brief run down on my LMC tab.

Have a great day all, How's everyone holdin up in this heat wave??


Willpower vs. BBQ

This is what our break room looked like at lunch yesterday, like a BBQ joint had blown up...

But with a little bit whole hell of a lot of will power this is what my plate looked like...

A little bit of Tri-Tip, some chicken (I removed the skin, it's just gross eww), some grilled zucchini, and a bit of quinoa salad.  I'd say I won.


Let Freedom & Fitness Ring! *long pic filled post*

Happy 4th of July everyone, hope it's been a great and safe one. 

Well, as you know my 4th started off with the Claremont Freedom 5k Race.  My mom and I went yesterday to pick-up my bib and shirt (it's just ok lol) and then drove the course route. I didn't want any surprises, which thank god we did,  the course overall was very pretty, it went thru the historic parts of the city and then the Claremont Colleges gorgeous! But then the last .5 mile was a huge hill...O-M-G.  I run a mostly totally flat out and back from my house so I knew this was going to be a challenge.

I slept pretty well since I was exhausted from staying up a bit late cleaning and making the healthy desserts for today (everyone is coming here for a BBQ).  So any way I woke up about 6am putzed around a bit then mom pick me and DQ up for the race (hubs and TaTa had to work this am).  The weather was PERFECT overcast and cool THANK GOD!  When we got there we watched the kids Fun Run, (I walked around a bit to warm up) then it was line up time.  I lined up behind the 35-40min pacer and waited, I heard a few folks talking about "the hill" ugg. Then we were off, it was quite a congested start and it took a while to get to the actual "Starting Line" but after that it was good going.  I found a good pace and went, I just kept it slow and steady, I even passed a few people that had been way ahead of me, they finally had to slow down and walk, YAY ME  Ms. Turtle!!   Then "the hill" it was hard I thought I was gonna die, but I did it, I had to slow waaayyy down but I did it and it was awesome!  the final .25 was pretty flat and I finished strong.

According to my Nike+ I ran 3.64mi. I'm wondering if that was because I was so far back at the start (but a whole .50 miles??) in 41'54"min. and averaged a pace of 11"29 awesome! So according to Nike+ I finished a 5k in about 36min, but I'll have to check my "official" time tonight.

Now I'm gonna blow it up with some pics....
Just starting

almost to the finish line just this last turn mile3


One of my healthy desserts, red white & blue chocolate
covered strawberries

Inside out chocolate raspberries 30 of
these little suckers are only 150 cals. YUM

Me and the Hubs

DQ  and cousin Kay, or is that a monkey

My brother and Kay
Over all it was a great 4th of July I loved having my family over it's always so much fun, and I can control the food lol.  Oh and I also made healthy mini cheesecakes, with vanilla wafers, non-fat plain greek yogurt and fat-free, sugar-free cheesecake pudding mix topped with strawberries & blueberries that were only 50 cals. each but they went so fast I didn't get a pic.  I will for sure be making them again probably this weekend and take a pic or two and post the recipe.


Sunday Runday

Here are the results for my "long" run, since following Hal Higdon's 10k training plan Sunday is the day for my long runs and I'm really liking the early morning runs. Though this morning was a little rough, I had a Sweet 16 photo shoot last night that ran til 11:30 (I do photography on the side). So I wasn't up at 5:30 as planned but was up by 7:00 instead probably would have slept longer but the hubby is not quiet and out the door.  I was still pretty tired and that first mile was a bitch, but seeing as I have my 4th of July 5k in like 3 days I just kept going and the 2nd & 3rd were way better.

I did notice I have been  keeping a much faster pace then anticipated which is good fantastic.  I'm hoping to complete the 5k in under 38 min, since I will walk to warm-up before the race and will only time my "running" I'm eager to see what it will be.  The first and last 5k I did was in Dec. of 2010 with some friends and it was my "first attempt at becoming a runner" I was in week 3 of C25k and only sort-of,  kind-of doing it and boy was that crap was hard. I think I finished in like 50 min. and thought I was gonna have a heart attack, then totally defeated gave the running up until now.

So I am really excited about this one, I'm so gonna kill it! 

My one and only 5k which was craptastic,
this santa was not a jolly old elf.

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