So Busy with Nothing

Oh Emm Gee I feel like a train hit me...This weekend was filled with a whole lotta nothing. I have so many things I needed to do but I just couldn't get in gear and do them. Instead I did a bunch of stuff that well that, I just did.

We started off the weekend by finally going to see Brave, DQ has been bugging asking to go for a few weeks so Friday night was finally the time.  It was pretty cute, but a bit over DQ's head, but she loved it any way and we rounded out the night with dinner at Souplantation (I actually made good choices except for the two huge slices of sourdough bread.

Saturday we drove up the hill to get the keys to mom's new place in Victorville, it's about a 45 min. drive.  It's kinda bitter-sweet.  I have always lived with or near my mom, even when I finally moved out we only lived about 5 miles from each other and for the last 8 years we have only been 1.2 miles from driveway to driveway, (her house was my water/bathroom stop when running). So I really am kinda sad don't get me wrong she is moving closer to my brother and his family (about four houses down) and it is a much, much bigger house for way less rent (but it's also on a dirt road ick), but she's always been so close by.  If I need a cup of sugar or something anything I could just run over there and most weekends I will call her up and she if she wants to go to Target or the grocery stores I won't be able to do that anymore :(  So we'll see how it goes, the upside is she still works down here (by me) so she will be down this way everyday.

Mom's new house..really nice except all that dirt gotta love/hate the desert.
After wards we came back down the hill and went to lunch at Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour. If you've never been it's a blast but not very at all diet friendly but for a very once in a while treat it's ok.  I did make good better choices though I ordered a sandwich and only ate half and didn't touch my fries (Ta Ta ate those for me) because you can't go to Frarrell's without getting Ice Cream

The biggest Banana split ever!  
So I would love to say that no I did not have any ice cream but who would I be kidding it's summer, it's ice cream, it's Farrell's!!, Yes I had some, but I did not over do it and I was okay with it and actually pretty damn proud of myself. I also ran that night then again Sunday morning (remind me never to do that again, but that's next post) to burn off that ice cream.

We wrapped up the weekend Sunday with a trip to Ikea the happiest place on earth lol... at least mine anyway.  I love that place and it doesn't hurt that they have free child care in the Play Palace for an hour.  What is better that an hour of kid free window shopping, ummm ya nothing.

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