Hot Mess Party of One


And a Hot Mess has  = No Exercise!

Work has been super crazy busy (if you haven't been able to tell from the lack of riveting posts lol). My co teacher is going on maternity leave next week so we are trying to hire someone to replace her for now, and our other teacher is in South Africa chasing tigers on vacation.  We are also getting our new kiddos (2-3 yr olds)  in, which means tears, reassurance for both kids and parents and lots of wine Advil for me.  July thru October is always a pretty stressful time for me and work.

so wish I could say this some days
 Then there was the maternity shoot, which didn't happen.  About 5 minutes before we were to leave she cancelled UGG !!! Really I stayed in Orange County2 hours later just for the shoot then really couldn't leave at 5pm because that would mean MAJOR traffic I'm talking like a 45mile drive taking 2 if not more hours.  So instead I hung out at Grammie C's with the Drama Queen and had dinner then went home about 8pm I know that isn't late for most people but I'm normally in bed by 9pm due to the fact that I get up at 4am for work (ahh the joys of commuting).

Saturday was a Wedding (in the OC of course) that I 2nd shot for.  I have always been the main shooter so this was kind nice taking a back seat.  But as most of you know wedding days are crazy high stress, and most of the time that doubles for the photogs...if your stressed we're stressed, and trying to de-stress you, you don,'t want those ugly worry lines in your pictures do you ? photoshop can only do so much.

Though it hasn't been all bad stress there was some good stress in there... This girl got a new ride!!!

My first SUV

It was totally unexpected and we were so NOT in the market for a new car.  Seeing as we finally paid my car off 4 months ago and using that money to make some good dents in our debt, but the deal was to good to pass up and it as a complete steal (and there is still enough to keep chipping away at that crappy debt).   Also Ta Ta's Beetle is on it's last legs so, I gave her my old car and we will get rid of hers.

So with ALL that craziness going on I did not get one work out in, yes I feel shitty about it and I have definitely been cranky, not sure but I think I may have actually missed exercise gasp!!! But I am a bit afraid of falling back in to old habits because I'm sure there was a few minutes in the day where I could have squeezed in something, but it was just so much easier not to.  And the longer I go the less motivated I feel.

But the good part was I didn't go totally off plan YES I didn't exercise and I probably sat and watched to much reality T.V but I did stay within my calories and DID NOT overeat or binge.  The only near slip was going thru the McD's drive thru last night, after hours many many hours at the wedding I was starving so I hit up the closest place by and out of habit almost ordered my old usual, 2 cheeseburgers, large fries, and a coke wait what????  Yes that was a usual, then I would kick myself for not ordering a 6 piece chicken nugget chaser....Holy crap I can't believe I actually would eat all that YUCK or that I just full on admitted that in public  Luckily I regained my senses and ordered a kids  Hamburger Happy Meal with a water.

This week will be back to normal... SWEAR!!!

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