50 Shades of Black & Blue

What??? you may ask does that mean...lol. Well let me tell you, better yet show you...

This weekend the Hubs and I got DQ a "Big Girl" bed and finally tossed the toddler bed in the hopes that it will get her the heck out of our bed. She goes through these kicks where she will seep in her own room for a while then all of a sudden she's scared or some such thing.

Thi was the last kick, sleeping in a box! 
Hey I'll do what ever it takes.

Don't get me wrong I love to snuggle with the little bugger but I am so over being woken up to a scissor kick in between the shoulder blades I'm starting to look like the loser in an MMA fight and a Mama needs her space. *Warning TMI alert* and even though I have read all three 50 Shades books we my poor husband has not been able to reap any of the benefits due to Little Miss in our bed!!

So the hubs and my inner goddess we are hoping the new big bed all decked out in her flavor of the month (horses) will keep her there, and the fact that I threatened to take it all back to the store if she doesn't... just kidding, not really I totally would.

Oh and as far as the dieting and exercising thing it's going, slow but going. It has been way to effin hot here to run outside even in the evening and dumb ass me decided to cancel my gym membership back in Feb. to save a few bucks. Of course now the healthy me has fully kick in and no gym bleh... Oh well this will not derail me, I guess it will be work out videos and Wii Boxing or Just Dance until hell has finally passed.

I am also hoping that the heat is the reason I have not been losing as much as I'd like (you know water retention and all) but if I drink any more water I might drowned because I am not doing as well as I had hoped with the Lose a Marathon Challenge. But I loved last weeks mini challenge - Create 7 healthy snacks under 200 cals.- I love cooking and my snacks, and have found quite a few low-cal options. So I will be posting them along with the recipes pretty quick. There is a brief run down on my LMC tab.

Have a great day all, How's everyone holdin up in this heat wave??

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