Sunday Runday

Here are the results for my "long" run, since following Hal Higdon's 10k training plan Sunday is the day for my long runs and I'm really liking the early morning runs. Though this morning was a little rough, I had a Sweet 16 photo shoot last night that ran til 11:30 (I do photography on the side). So I wasn't up at 5:30 as planned but was up by 7:00 instead probably would have slept longer but the hubby is not quiet and out the door.  I was still pretty tired and that first mile was a bitch, but seeing as I have my 4th of July 5k in like 3 days I just kept going and the 2nd & 3rd were way better.

I did notice I have been  keeping a much faster pace then anticipated which is good fantastic.  I'm hoping to complete the 5k in under 38 min, since I will walk to warm-up before the race and will only time my "running" I'm eager to see what it will be.  The first and last 5k I did was in Dec. of 2010 with some friends and it was my "first attempt at becoming a runner" I was in week 3 of C25k and only sort-of,  kind-of doing it and boy was that crap was hard. I think I finished in like 50 min. and thought I was gonna have a heart attack, then totally defeated gave the running up until now.

So I am really excited about this one, I'm so gonna kill it! 

My one and only 5k which was craptastic,
this santa was not a jolly old elf.

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