Moving Day

Wow normally I live for the weekends, but this one was tough.  Moving day finally arrived for mom and of course being the loving daughter I am, I gathered the troops( the Hubs and Ta Ta ) and made sure that they were free on Saturday.  I was hoping to get an early start seeing as it's been as hot as Hades.  But a few loose ends on moms part meant the party didn't get started until almost 1:00pm are you kidding?? (insert loving daughter face here)

Any who it was a ton of work I think mom may be a closet hoarder but TaTa and I thought of it as our workout for the day which actually helped things along and gave me way less guilt while eating that 3rd piece of pizza at 8pm.
Mom clearing out the garage
TaTa showing off her moving muscle...Oh and this is one outfit I will NOT be borrowing

All moved in!
All in all it took two days and too many trips down that dirt road but it's done YAY!!  Oh and as a bonus this morning the scale said 202.6 holy crap are you kidding...If that's the case anyone need any help moving?

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