Let Freedom & Fitness Ring! *long pic filled post*

Happy 4th of July everyone, hope it's been a great and safe one. 

Well, as you know my 4th started off with the Claremont Freedom 5k Race.  My mom and I went yesterday to pick-up my bib and shirt (it's just ok lol) and then drove the course route. I didn't want any surprises, which thank god we did,  the course overall was very pretty, it went thru the historic parts of the city and then the Claremont Colleges gorgeous! But then the last .5 mile was a huge hill...O-M-G.  I run a mostly totally flat out and back from my house so I knew this was going to be a challenge.

I slept pretty well since I was exhausted from staying up a bit late cleaning and making the healthy desserts for today (everyone is coming here for a BBQ).  So any way I woke up about 6am putzed around a bit then mom pick me and DQ up for the race (hubs and TaTa had to work this am).  The weather was PERFECT overcast and cool THANK GOD!  When we got there we watched the kids Fun Run, (I walked around a bit to warm up) then it was line up time.  I lined up behind the 35-40min pacer and waited, I heard a few folks talking about "the hill" ugg. Then we were off, it was quite a congested start and it took a while to get to the actual "Starting Line" but after that it was good going.  I found a good pace and went, I just kept it slow and steady, I even passed a few people that had been way ahead of me, they finally had to slow down and walk, YAY ME  Ms. Turtle!!   Then "the hill" it was hard I thought I was gonna die, but I did it, I had to slow waaayyy down but I did it and it was awesome!  the final .25 was pretty flat and I finished strong.

According to my Nike+ I ran 3.64mi. I'm wondering if that was because I was so far back at the start (but a whole .50 miles??) in 41'54"min. and averaged a pace of 11"29 awesome! So according to Nike+ I finished a 5k in about 36min, but I'll have to check my "official" time tonight.

Now I'm gonna blow it up with some pics....
Just starting

almost to the finish line just this last turn mile3


One of my healthy desserts, red white & blue chocolate
covered strawberries

Inside out chocolate raspberries 30 of
these little suckers are only 150 cals. YUM

Me and the Hubs

DQ  and cousin Kay, or is that a monkey

My brother and Kay
Over all it was a great 4th of July I loved having my family over it's always so much fun, and I can control the food lol.  Oh and I also made healthy mini cheesecakes, with vanilla wafers, non-fat plain greek yogurt and fat-free, sugar-free cheesecake pudding mix topped with strawberries & blueberries that were only 50 cals. each but they went so fast I didn't get a pic.  I will for sure be making them again probably this weekend and take a pic or two and post the recipe.


  1. Congrats on having probably the healthiest July 4th ill hear of!! Lol. Race pics were great, glad you conquered it!

  2. Sounds like you had a great 4th and I LOVE the idea of the "inside out raspberries"!! I posted this in my blog but it must have been the holiday for food that has "stuff" inside other food lol I made mini-cucumber cup appetizers and mini fruit tartlettes. I'm definitely going to have to try the raspberries though!

    Congrats on your race too, you did such a great job and you're looking great!!


  3. Congrats on doing so well on the 5k. Those foods look yummy, especially those raspberries!!


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