Willpower vs. BBQ

This is what our break room looked like at lunch yesterday, like a BBQ joint had blown up...

But with a little bit whole hell of a lot of will power this is what my plate looked like...

A little bit of Tri-Tip, some chicken (I removed the skin, it's just gross eww), some grilled zucchini, and a bit of quinoa salad.  I'd say I won.


  1. Umm I'd say that was a definite WIN!! Great job. Isn't nice now that we're starting to get the hang of this whole "healthy eating" thing that we can still enjoy food, just in moderation. Plus, now I'm enjoying the people involved in these summer get together's much more as well now that I'm not so concerned with: "what should I eat", "are people watching me eat", "can I sneak on more xyz without anyone noticing" etc...

    Such a great job, be proud!

  2. Great job! There was room left on your plate and that is a victory within itself! Id say willpower won

  3. Great job, holding back from chowing down ;-).

    "Will power" is short term, though. Replace those two words with "I WILL achieve ... " When you decide that you absolutely will, no matter how long it takes, or how much struggle is involved, will power no longer exists.

    This "1% Mindset" creates a way of looking at things in a totally different way - a way in which you understand that struggle is an inevitable part of the process ... and one you learn to embrace. When you DECIDE you'll lose those 75 lbs, no matter what it takes, "will power" disappears, replaced with definite belief.

    I'd love for you to come say hi. Http://CoachYourMind.com

    My goal is to motivate and inspire anyone who is on a journey of change. Hope you stop by.


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