Color Run *Long and Full of Pics*


That was F.U.N.

Last weekend my friends, family and I did the Color Run in San Diego and let me just tell you it was really the Happiest 5k on the Planet. If you've never heard of it check out the link it's a blast.

We started it off by heading down to San Diego after work (it's only about and hour and a half drive from there.  Moms and TaTa came to pick me up then off we went, the others CareBear, Barbie, and my bestie Kyss (along with her sis Babs) met us down there.  We stopped off at Road Runner Sports to pick every one's packet up and it was crazy the line snaked around the building and parking was a bitch, but over all it went smoothly they were very well organized, overall it took about and hour and yes that included some shopping for "race gear" on my part.  I was looking for a hydration belt *check and some Nuun *didn't find any, but found Gu Brew so gonna give that a shot cuz I can not stand Gatorade *gag*. 

Any way we finally made it to the hotel got cleaned up and decided to hit Old Town for a yummy Mexican  Dinner...well had we planned better we would have known it was Dia de Los Muertos, basically a Mexican celebration of the dead, and it was packed like a Justin Bieber concert packed So scratch that instead we hit up a Chipotle... that's Mexican enough lol.

Yumm sorta mexican...
The next morning we were up early and had some breakfast at the hotel then off to catch the trolley to Qualcom Stadium where the race was.  It was crazy busy, but again like packet distribution it was all very well organized and went smoothly.

My mini runner fueling with waffles... and nice photo crash
dude in the back. It's all good I so do it to except
I would have thrown up the peace sign lol.

At the starting line once they had most people corralled and ready they let us go in waves, actually more like large groups and none of it was by time (the Color Run is a fun run not a timed run).  The only rules are.... 1.) Wear White  2.) Be courteous to everyone, runners on the left walkers on the right and 3.) Have Fun...   and it was a great thing letting us go in waves because that led to very little back up at the "color stations".  Now for some fun pics:

At the starting line a Clean Fifty Shades of Color Team
Don't cha love the ties ;)

After the 1st (pink) and 2nd (orange) k's


Drama Queen and Moms making a dash for the finish line.
At the Finish line! We are one happy mess.

Overall it was a great time and I will so do it again.  Some people don't like the "fun runs" like this. They complain because they are not timed or they have to walk a bit because it's crowded with walkers, and yes they can be a bit pricey  and you know what I say to them... a big ole' fat SUCK IT!  
I love these things! Running is fucking hard and it's fun things like this that make it worth while. Sometimes you just need to have fun with it or you'll burn out.  And another thing of all the people that went with me and did the run only one of them is a "runner" the rest were just coming to have some fun.  It's awesome that exercises can be a fun weekend and get together and things like this get the other people in your life who wouldn't normally or aren't into "running" to get some exposure and hell even break a sweat.  So yes I will pay a little extra to have fun and share my love for a hard ass sport!
getting off my soap box now....


  1. Looks like you and all the girls had a great time! Congrats, and I loved the pics!

  2. Looks like you had a great time! Congrats to you and your family/friends!!


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